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Numerous articles have been published in professional marketing magazine over the years that should help with your career. These include salary surveys, articles from marketers describing how it feels to work in particular types of firms, and guidance from experienced consultants on topics such as writing a CV, preparing a job specification, making the best of interviews and getting promoted.

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Motivating high performers

Jane Downes looks at what a leader can do to ensure high performers continue to be motivated.

pm July 2014, Jane Downes (Clearview Coaching Group)

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EQ – take a deep breath…

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the latest buzzword in professional psychology. Jo Emerson looks at why you need it and how to get it.

pm June 2014, Jo Emerson

Keeping them… and keeping them happy

How can firms safeguard their staff now the market is moving? Simone Timcke and Frosso Miltiadou have some ideas.

pm April 2014, Simone Timcke (Anthem Consulting), Frosso Militiadou (Anthem Consulting)

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Retaining your marketing stars

How can firms save money? By keeping their marketing team happy so that they don’t need to be replaced. Simon Lewis has some ideas on how this can be achieved.

pm February 2014, Simon Lewis (

Learning leadership

Having landed that promotion, how can you make a smooth transition from executive to manager, or manager to director? Jo Emerson has some ideas.

pm December 2013, Jo Emerson

On an easterly heading

The professional services world is increasingly looking to expand their global footprint. But what do marketers need to know about working in other regions? Andrea Williams gives some advice.

pm November 2013, Andrea Williams

Do more for less… but for how much longer?

How are the professions coping with having to do more with less and just how much longer is this state of flux likely to last? Sarah Garrathy set out to understand the challenges.

pm September 2013, Sarah Garrathy (Hudson)

If I’d known then…

To celebrate pm’s 20th anniversary Nadia Cristina tracked down some of the key players in PSF marketing in 1993, who were also involved in getting the magazine off the ground. Based on their wealth of experience, she asked them to answer two questions:
•  What was the best piece of advice you received in your  
•  What advice would you give the new generation of
    marketers in the professions?

pm June 2013, Nadia Cristina (Practice Management International LLP)

Women in professional firms: Strategies for success

Over the past few years, we have noticed a significant rise in the number of women in top professional firms, both fee earners and support staff, approaching us for specific advice on career progression.

pm December 2012, Emily Buist (SAP)

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Mind the gap

Is a disconnect between managing partner and marketing limiting professional services growth? Bev Burgess gives her view.

pm December 2012, Bev Burgess

Results: 117 Page 1 of 12

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