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Numerous articles have been published in professional marketing magazine over the years that should help with your career. These include salary surveys, articles from marketers describing how it feels to work in particular types of firms, and guidance from experienced consultants on topics such as writing a CV, preparing a job specification, making the best of interviews and getting promoted.

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Open up to mentoring

David Daly believes that mentoring is one of the most cost effective ways of setting the factors for success in your business life.

pm May 2016, David Daly

Gaining an advantage

In an extract from his latest book, Tim Prizeman discusses how thought leadership can be used to create a successful career.

pm October 2015, Tim Prizeman (Kelso Consulting)

It’s never about ‘I’ it’s always about ‘We’

Nicky Purnell looks at mentoring and empowering… the socialist way.

pm September 2015, Nicky Purnell (HW Fisher & Company)

Stepping up to manager

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted and now you have a team to manage. Scary! But Jo Emerson has some sound advice for any new manager.

pm July 2015, Jo Emerson

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Hitting the right remuneration notes

With revenue in many professional services firms having increased since the end of the recession, Frosso Miltiadou asks why marketers are not benefiting.

pm April 2015, Frosso Militiadou (Anthem Consulting)

Wanted: A collective noun

The role played by client development professionals has fundamentally and irrecoverably changed in the ten years in which Clifton Harrison has worked within professional services.

pm March 2015, Clifton Harrison (DWF LLP)

Retirement, what retirement?

Although for most of us retirement is a long way off, Tim Musgrave suggests there are still plans we can make now to improve our ‘twighlight years’.

pm December 2014, Tim Musgrave (Milestones)

Is your firm doing its best to keep you?

Everyone deserves to be valued by their employer. But, asks Mark Harris, what happens when you’re not?

pm November 2014, Mark Harris (Morgan Hunt)

Manage your energy in a way that works for you

As we build out of the recession and are busy making plans for growth, now is the time to reflect on your overall energy levels and just what capacity you have to achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

pm October 2014, Louise Tufnell (Inside 80 Limited)

The magic of mentoring

Nicky Acuna Ocana looks at the value of mentoring in the professions.

pm October 2014, Nicky Acuna Ocana (Ambition)

Results: 127 Page 1 of 13

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