23rd Annual PM Forum Conference 2018


The bare necessities

The more things change, the more they stay the same

PM Forum Conference Cover 2018


Thursday 27 September 2018 - Congress Centre, London, UK

Many years ago, the legendary advertiser Bill Bernbach said “human nature hasn’t changed for a million years. It won’t change in the next million years. Only the superficial things have changed.”

As marketers, we often focus on the superficial. On what’s new. What’s changed. What we’re told is going to change.

At one point or another various tools and ideas like digital marketing, social selling, content marketing, millennials and corporate narratives have all been the next big thing to give us a competitive edge.

But more often than not, the way to gain an advantage is to focus on what hasn’t changed. To pay attention to what was the same. What is the same. What will stay the same.

For marketers that means returning to the basics.

Having a marketing strategy grounded in insight. Remembering that creativity is crucial to standing out. Recognising that what’s right for the short term may not be right for the long term.

Acknowledging that ultimately we are here to help our firms sell more of whatever it is they do.

This year’s PM Forum conference will focus on what hasn’t changed.

Through keynote presentations and workshops we will explore what really influences people to buy and how you can exploit it. We will inspire you to be more creative, sharing what professional firms can learn from the best marketing in other industries.

On top of that, we’ll give you the confidence to prioritise the things that do work and say no to the things that don’t work. All supported by a solid strategy, the right tools and evidence collected through years of research.

Delivered by award-winners and recognised industry experts from in-house, client side and agency side, this year’s PM Forum conference represents a rare opportunity to think about the timeless fundamentals that will really make you and your firm more successful.

To find out more download the conference brochure.



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