In conversation with... Paul Wakefield


During this session, Paul Wakefield will discuss his career to date and how he developed his experience within professional services marketing. He will also give advice on how to build trusting relationships to succeed in a competitive, professional services environment.


Build your own client journey – What is client journey mapping and why is it useful?


The sesions will include:

  • Why you should use client journeys
  • A real-life case study: inspiration from a leading professional services firm
  • Client Journey Map Sprint: create your own client journey
  • Next steps

At the end of the session you will:

  • understand what a client journey map is
  • understand the benefits to your business
  • have a high-level client journey map to use as a starting point for your own project

Client journey mapping


At this session we will cover:

  • how focusing on client experience can help your firm differentiate itself
  • an introduction to the six pillars of clent experience excellence
  • how to use client journeys as a framework for change.

Developments in client feedback... driving business change


A number of leading firms are developing innovative ways to use feedback data. These insights are driving profound changes to their service, approach and people, influencing and informing their business model. 

Please join us on Thursday 15 June where we'll be looking at how these firms have put an alternative slant on client listening and are making real changes to their business. 


Personal branding - an introduction

South West

Join us at our next event for an interactive and entertaining hour of tips, insights and secrets on how to build your professional brand. Learn how to be respected internally with colleagues as a trusted member of the team and externally with your peers as a valuable source of knowledge.