PM Forum Conference 2016


One fabulous day to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Attendees come from across the professions and a range of levels, many returning again to soak up knowledge both from the stage and their fellow participants.

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21st Annual PM Forum Conference 2016

All about the journey

Delivering a great client experience in the golden age of marketing

Thursday 29 September 2016 - Congress Centre, London, UK

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There’s never been a more exciting or challenging time to be in professional services marketing.

Across the different sectors, markets are being reshaped by consolidation. Client demands are continually on the rise and increasing competition means real, organic growth is elusive for many. New regulation and technology are reshaping the way firms work with clients. As more Millennials take up decision making roles a completely new – and different – generation of buyer is emerging.

Because of these shifts, opportunities abound and we’re entering a golden age of marketing.

Articulating and communicating a relevant, authentic and distinctive story is paramount. At the same time firms have more channels, practices, sectors and geographies than ever before; finding a simple way for your message to cut through the noise is essential.

As marketers have access to more and more data and insight, they’re being presented with opportunities to influence the business outside of their own traditional function. This is all being played out within a new digital economy, where marketing is continuous and speed is critical.

Running alongside these trends is an emerging recognition about the importance of delivering a great client experience. What does it feel like to be the client of a professional firm? Commonplace in many industries for decades, most professional services firms are only just starting to recognise how critical it is to understand and influence the client journey.

‘All about the journey’, the 2016 PM Forum Conference tackles this topic head on. Via presentations, breakouts and large group sessions, our expert speakers will share how to harness the latest marketing trends across the different stages of the client journey.

Afterwards, you’ll have all the tools you need to define and understand the journey your clients take with you and know how to deliver a great client experience that encourages loyalty and advocacy.

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