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  • Tuesday 10 November 2015
    Digital trends and how to sell them within professional services

Join us for our November session and hear Steve Paul, Digital Strategy Director at Emperor, discuss current and future digital trends for our sector. Emperor has identified a number of trends that suggest firms are not just developing digital strategies; they are developing business strategies for the digital world.


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  • Thursday 22 October 2015
    Bids & Tenders - Group Therapy!

Angst, stress, anxiety, worry are all descriptions we could use to epitomise the day to day feelings we can all feel when involved with Bids and Tenders. These are often caused by ambiguity, problems and timelines within the bidding process. Do you find that you have common issues or challenges when preparing tenders?

Come along to this informal, interactive ‘Group Therapy’ workshop to look at ways to overcome these challenges and reduce the stress levels.

South West

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  • Thursday 22 October 2015
    Professionals at work: Polite, Police, Partners or Players?

Join us for a facilitated roundtable discussion, moderated by Simon Marshall, Head of Brand and Communications at Osborne Clark, on the subject of: Professionals at work: Polite, Police, Partners or Players? Our discussion will explore one of the biggest challenges facing marketers in professional service firms - how we act and how we are viewed. What’s your view? How many of these roles do we fulfil and are we right to be playing those roles?


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  • Wednesday 14 October 2015
    Converting more enquiries into fees

Discover the three common ways that organisations allow new clients to slip away during the start of a relationship, resulting in lost income and profit.

Tim Dixon-Phillip, from mystery shopping specialists Service Reality, will share insights from the professional service sector and outline how to maximise yield from new enquiries.

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