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East Midlands

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  • Wednesday 30 September 2015
    How to use your communication style to be more effective

How we communicate is the key factor of effectiveness and performance with clients and prospects. Being able to better understand the wants and needs of others, and to ensure that we are better understood is essential to provide excellent client service and win new business.

This interactive session covers communication essentials and will provide each attendee with an overview of their preferred communication style and tips to flex their behaviour to be more effective in their interactions.


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  • Tuesday 22 September 2015
    Unlocking the power of data for professional services marketing

There is a vast amount of marketing data at our fingertips but how can professional services marketers use it to make better decisions about marketing strategy which will then yield better results from marketing campaigns?

Data driven marketing is not the most popular of topics. It could be said that ‘data’ is the most underused asset of marketing teams. This talk is aimed at pointing out the kind of key marketing data and information that can help frame and guide your firms marketing efforts.


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  • Wednesday 16 September 2015
    Key Account Management – money well spent?

The importance of Key Account Management (KAM) has grown significantly in the last decade and a half. This in part is evidenced by the increased number of firms who now have a programme and also by the increased size and scope of the programmes that have been developed.

It is clear that organisations are investing heavily – in terms of time and resources – but is it money well spent? What are the main drivers enabling professional service firms to achieve long term sustainability and success with their KAM programme?


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  • Thursday 10 September 2015
    Time Management

Bryan Leslie is a personal and business productivity expert, and an official Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce trainer. In his presentation on time management, he will share his tips on taking personal responsibility, the importance of effective goal-setting, and how to ensure you always work on your number one priority (once you’ve worked out what the number one priority is of course).

West Midlands
  • Thursday 10 September 2015
    September Social

As we hurtle towards Q4 in the calendar year, why not start the next semester by joining us for end of summer drinks?

We know how much you value the opportunity to meet with your peers and talk to one another about issues on your mind. So we are pleased to invite you to this year’s social drinks hosted by Hotel du Vin and sponsored by Forresters.

Come and whet your palate with the refreshing flavours of grapes, juniper berries and many more. There will also be half price drinks available at the cash bar in the basement, Pub du Vin, for those wishing to stay a little longer!

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  • Wednesday 14 October 2015
    Converting more enquiries into fees

Discover the three common ways that organisations allow new clients to slip away during the start of a relationship, resulting in lost income and profit.

Tim Dixon-Phillip, from mystery shopping specialists Service Reality, will share insights from the professional service sector and outline how to maximise yield from new enquiries.

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