Committee members

Kirsty Hall
Regional Chair, Kirsty Hall,
Regester Larkin
Lee Grunnell
Regional Director, Lee Grunnell,
Scott Addison
Scott Addison,
Infinite Spada
Rachel Hoddinott
Rachel Hoddinott,
Irene Redman
Irene Redman,
Chartered Institute of Taxation
Will Spencer
Will Spencer,
Bird & Bird
Jill Want
Jill Want,
Punter Southall

Welcome to PM Forum London

The PM Forum is a 4,000 strong regionally-based professional body, dedicated to raising the standards of professional services marketing and enhancing the credibility of marketers working in professional service firms worldwide.

The London regional events take place in the city and central London at various venues. Membership to the PM Forum is corporate so attendance at all core events is free to all staff of member firms. Sign up here! If you are interested in hosting an event please contact Morag Campbell.

We attract a diverse audience covering marketers in a professional services firm including accountancy, law, property and management consultants. We also welcome partners and senior fee-earners with a marketing remit and agencies/suppliers to the sector.

Our July 2015 event on 'Commercial awareness’ had members learning about how to decipher jargon and complex financial concepts through an interactive and highly enjoyable workshop by theGroGroup - kindly captured on this video by Conscious Solutions.

Details of future events:

Further info and RSVP

  • Wednesday 18 May 2016
    On Purpose - How professional services branding can become more relevant, authentic and distinctive

90% of what one professional firm does is the same as its competitors. 10% is distinctive. But how can you uncover, articulate and communicate your 10%?

Lee Grunnell and Ingrid Brown will explore how to do this. They'll share practical ways to uncover exactly what makes your firm distinctive and articulate it in a way that underpins everything you do. They’ll then examine best practices for communicating your brand internally and externally through, amongst other channels, your pitches, values, visual identity and tone of voice.

Benefits of corporate membership are:

If you wish to learn more about membership, please contact Maggie O’Neill on 020 7786 9786.


Regional Chair: Kirsty Hall, Regester Larkin
Regional Director: Lee Grunnell, Thirteen

Scott Addison, Infinite Spada
Rachel Hoddinott, BDO
Irene Redman, Chartered Institute of Taxation
Will Spencer, Bird & Bird
Jill Want, Punter Southall

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