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October 2014
Volume 22 Issue 3

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Forget ‘digital’, it’s all about H2H

Have we become so concerned with creating catchy hashtags, social sharing and e-invite subjects that we may have forgotten what actual human interaction is?

pm October 2014, Chloe Richardson (Brodies LLP)

Global Village
On the move…

Appointments, promotions and departures.

pm October 2014, Nadia Cristina (Practice Management International LLP)

The client’s perspective

James McLeod discusses how clients are using the competitive tender process to not only find out what firms are promising to deliver but how they will do so.

pm October 2014, James McLeod (Consult Legal)

Manage your energy in a way that works for you

As we build out of the recession and are busy making plans for growth, now is the time to reflect on your overall energy levels and just what capacity you have to achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

pm October 2014, Louise Tufnell (Inside 80 Limited)

Risks and rewards of reputation

Clare Jones knows that commercial success always comes down to the individual. When those people are the face of your business; their, and your, reputation never sleeps.

pm October 2014, Clare Jones

The magic of mentoring

Nicky Acuna Ocana looks at the value of mentoring in the professions.

pm October 2014, Nicky Acuna Ocana (Ambition)

Case study
Internal comms: It’s all about the journey

Nicky Purnell believes firms overlook IC at their peril – it is a long game, but it is one that is worth winning.

pm October 2014, Nicky Purnell (HW Fisher & Company)

Understanding economics

In part three of our series ‘the seven habits of a commercial adviser’, Ben Kent and Adrian Furner discuss how advisers need to demonstrate an understanding of economics.

pm October 2014, Ben Kent (Meridian West), Adrian Furner (Meridian West)

Top tips
Running an impactful meeting

Top tips on successful meetings.

pm October 2014, Andy Bounds (Andy Bounds Ltd)

Practice profile
print friendly
Consistent and creative pioneer

London-based Schillings, law firm-turned-multidisciplinary business, saw its revenue shoot up over a third since last year. The marketing team tell Neasa MacErlean how Schillings and other niche practices can find their way forward through selective expansion and a different approach to communication.

pm October 2014, Neasa MacErlean

Best practice
Strategy and the professions

To mark the start of a new series, PM has spoken to seven experts in strategy in professional firms. Neasa MacErlean finds out what strategy means to them in practice and how the marketing and strategy functions are working together and overlapping.

pm October 2014, Neasa MacErlean

How to ...
Engage with a geographically spread workforce

What is the key to avoiding siloed workers and a feeling of disconnection when your firm has a workforce spread across a number of locations? Noor Rassam has some ideas.

pm October 2014, Noor Rassam (i2a Consulting)

Marketing basics
Ready, fire, aim…

Ken Norman believes that PowerPoint is like a Smith & Wesson and he’s happy to tell you why.

pm October 2014, Ken Norman (Brethertons LLP)

Achieving success with big data

The topic of Big Data is gaining greater coverage and the September issue of PM included thoughts about the technical challenges involved. But what are appropriate aims for data management and how can success be achieved? Robin Dicks gives his view.

pm October 2014, Robin Dicks (The Thriving Company Limited)

Second opinion
What’s in a word count?

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: ignoring word counts can have embarrassing consequences.

pm October 2014, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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