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April 2014
Volume 21 Issue 8

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Constantly changing

 We can see change throughout our digital world but what does the future hold?

pm April 2014, Raphael ODonoghue

Should we drop the ‘C’ in CSR?

Adam Garfunkel, marketing adviser to Heart of the City, discusses the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ and asks if it has had its day.

pm April 2014, Adam Garfunkel

What’s happening to our events industry?

The events industry is under attack – not with those old issues of budgets but with that precious commodity that nobody these days seems to have enough of – time.

pm April 2014, Kevin Marriott (GVA)

Bid management as change management

Sarah Welsh describes the development of bid management and how firms can learn from outside the professions.

pm April 2014, Sarah Welsh (Foot Anstey)

Marketing lessons
Who needs a new car when you have a dancing chicken?

Helen Hammond continues her look at what is going on in the wider marketing world and draws out some lessons for the professions.

pm April 2014, Helen Hammond (Elephant Creative Solutions)

Keeping them… and keeping them happy

How can firms safeguard their staff now the market is moving? Simone Timcke and Frosso Miltiadou have some ideas.

pm April 2014, Simone Timcke (Anthem Consulting), Frosso Militiadou (Anthem Consulting)

Salaries – modest growth

PM Forum members were asked to complete our annual online survey of marketing salaries in January 2014 with 549 participating. Overall the results confirm that salaries show modest growth after a year of flat lining.

pm April 2014, Nadia Cristina (Practice Management International LLP)

Case study
Making the professions a bit more exciting?

Not content with updating and repositioning their brand, Last Cawthra Feather decided to use Twitter to engage their audience in it’s ‘Big Reveal’. Simon Stell and Ajaz Ahmed tell the story behind the teaser campaign.

pm April 2014, Simon Stell (LCF), Ajaz Ahmed

Practice profile
print friendly
Dealing with faces not just numbers

UK accountancy firm Cassons is using video, music and dance to raise its profile. Head of marketing Jill Murray and managing partner Les Nutter talk to Neasa MacErlean about these and more traditional marketing techniques.

pm April 2014, Neasa MacErlean

Management focus
Risk or reward?

Carolyn Roberson asks: How well do you know the risks and potential rewards associated with your key clients?

pm April 2014, Carolyn Roberson

How to ...
Create compelling content – without bringing fee-earners to a standstill

Rebecca Holland looks at how you can create compelling content – that is fit-for-purpose – without making the task a drain on your top earners’ time.

pm April 2014, Rebecca Holland (Onefish Twofish)

Email is alive and well

Despite rumours of its demise, Matt McNeill reports that email has actually evolved to become a stronger channel than ever for engaging with clients.

pm April 2014, Matt McNeil (Sign-Up)

Marketing basics
Is it time for a rebrand?

If you’re thinking about undertaking a rebrand but you’re unsure if now is the right time or how you can justify the resources it takes to get it right, then hopefully Nick Farrar will help you make the right decision.

pm April 2014, Nick Farrar (Workbrands)

Second opinion
Playing by the rules

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: how the new European Procurement Directive is going to affect the professions.

pm April 2014, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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