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June 2016
Volume 23 Issue 10

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Paying attention to client experience

What does it feel like to be your client? The same as working with any other firm?

pm June 2016, Lee Grunnell (Thirteen)

Global Village
On the move…

Appointments, promotions and departures.

pm June 2016, Nadia Cristina (PM Forum)

Understanding the business model

Jonathan Bannister explains why understanding the firm’s business model can help marketing to tell better stories to prospects and clients.

pm June 2016, Jonathan Bannister (Make Happy)

Networking in the saddle

Richard Edwards introduces BDOVELO, a new way of networking.

pm June 2016, Richard Edwards (BDO LLP)

Using business research to stand out

Eleanor Windsor discusses how business research can help your thought leadership efforts.

pm June 2016, Eleanor Windsor (LibSource)

Seeing the future early

Andrew Hedley believes we can use horizon scanning to identify and capitalise on new growth opportunities.

pm June 2016, Andrew Hedley

Case study
Milk moustaches to the rescue

Mandy Reynolds explains how Stephens Scown, winners of this year’s MPF Award for Best Collaboration with Clients, used their marketing experience to support South West dairy farmers.

pm June 2016, Mandy Reynolds (Stephens Scown)

Blank cheques

Adam Sumner looks at building career value in recovering markets.

pm June 2016, Adam Sumner (EMR)

Practice profile
print friendly
A nimble and simple approach

It is a tenth of the size of the world’s largest law firms but LOD (Lawyers On Demand) is disrupting the traditional model. Co-founder Simon Harper and marketing consultant Kim Arnold talk to Neasa MacErlean about how they make a small marketing budget go a long way.

pm June 2016, Neasa MacErlean

Management focus
Surviving the reformation

Mitchell Kowalski believes we are seeing the end of legal practice as we know it.

pm June 2016, Mitchell Kowalski

How to ...
Effectively measure your ROI

The attempt to get a true handle on the return on investment from marketing campaigns and advertising is an ongoing battle. Chris Hunter gives some tips on how to improve your chances.

pm June 2016, Chris Hunter (rhw Solicitors LLP)

Research report
Hero, hub, hygiene

Claire Trevien discovers whether firms are making the most of content marketing’s potential.

pm June 2016, Claire Trevien (Passle)

Marketing basics
Habits, process and culture

Jenni Montgomery and David Gilroy discuss CRM adoption and the Kübler-Ross Curve.

pm June 2016, David Gilroy (Conscious Solutions Ltd), Jenni Montgomery (Barton Willmore Partnership)

Second opinion
Forced feedback

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: a recent court case suggests that bidders can demand greater information on how contracting authorities reach tender decisions.

pm June 2016, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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