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May 2015
Volume 22 Issue 9

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Beware the dangers of thinking too small

It’s that time of year when many professional service firms are hard at work devising the next year’s strategy and budgets for marketing and business development.

pm May 2015, Scott Addison (Spada Ltd)

Global Village
On the move…

Appointments, promotions and departures.

pm May 2015, Nadia Cristina (PM Forum)

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Gamification in CRM – the next logical step

Guy Phillips looks at gamification and how, rather than creating an unnecessary competitive environment, it can serve as a supportive tool to enable a firm’s goals.

pm May 2015, Guy Phillips (LexisNexis Enterprise Software)

Brand is a key business tool

Often the biggest hurdle for a firm in leveraging their ‘brand’ as a tool to drive commercial advantage is their ‘C’ suite.

pm May 2015, Charles Clark (Uffindell Group)

The crisis of cut-through

Sarah Dickinson discusses how confidence, creativity and curiosity can enable big ideas to grow and survive in the professions.

pm May 2015, Sarah Dickinson (?What If!)

Top Dog – Impress and influence everyone you meet

Review of the new book by Andy Bounds and Richard Ruttle.

pm May 2015, Lee Grunnell (Thirteen)

Case study
Celebrating three years of changing lives

In 2011, the previously disused, derelict Fire Station on Tooley Street in London, reopened its doors as a social enterprise hub, housing Brigade Bar & Bistro. Vicki Boaden tells the story of the journey so far…

pm May 2015, Vicki Boaden (PwC)

Built to succeed or born to fail?

Tim Prizeman looks at how you can tell if your thought leadership initiative is doomed from the start.

pm May 2015, Tim Prizeman (Kelso Consulting)

Practice profile
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Disrupting the sector

The high-tech commercial contracts firm, Radiant Law, grew 100 per cent last year and expects the same growth again in 2015. Alex Hamilton, lawyer, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (as well as CEO), talks to Neasa MacErlean.

pm May 2015, Neasa MacErlean

Management focus
Wicked problems – Leadership solutions

David Hancock asks: Ever wondered why some of the problems we face are not able to be solved by doggedly following logical and scientific argument and to make matters worse when you try gathering more data you appear even further from an answer?

pm May 2015, David Hancock

How to ...
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Improve your face-to-face selling skills

Doing business without sales and marketing is, according to Alison Hartley, like winking at someone in the dark. You know you’re doing it, but no-one else does.

pm May 2015, Alison Hartley (PACE Partners International Ltd)

Marketing basics
What’s your point exactly?

Bob Mytton looks at how simple and engaging core brand messages can help professional services firms connect with their audience and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

pm May 2015, Bob Mytton (Mytton Williams)

It’s everyone’s job

Helen Hamilton-Shaw reflects on the outcomes of a new standard in client care for the network’s independent law firm members, which range from £2m to £15m turnover.

pm May 2015, Helen Hamilton-Shaw (Lawnet Limited)

Second opinion
Capital punishment

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: a bad habit you should try to eliminate from the firm’s written communications.

pm May 2015, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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