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May 2016
Volume 23 Issue 9

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Something dreadfully dreary and unsexy: Your marketing data. Yawn.

How about that for a title that makes you want to skip on past!

pm May 2016, Simon McNidder (Database First Aid)

Global Village
On the move…

Appointments, promotions and departures.

pm May 2016, Nadia Cristina (PM Forum)

The authenticity deficit

Is authenticity the ‘holy grail’ of branding and, if so, how do service organisations achieve it? Geoff Dodds has some ideas.

pm May 2016, Geoff Dodds

Blowing your own trumpet

Marketing yourself or ‘blowing your own trumpet’ has never been more important. 

pm May 2016, Rachel Brushfield (Energise)

AI: no more silk purses from a sow’s ears?

Artifical intelligence in the professions seems here to stay but Sue Bramall asks: is it anything but artificial?

pm May 2016, Sue Bramall (Berners Marketing)

Developing a strapline

If you are thinking about a strapline for your firm, Candis Roussel has some words of wisdom.

pm May 2016, Candis Roussel (Hinge)

Case study
Positive impact

Robert Pinheiro believes that local businesses working together can strengthen community resilience and build a stronger, more sustainable capability for local charities.

pm May 2016, Robert Pinheiro (Withy King)

Research report
print friendly
Delivering on your employer brand

Ray D’Cruz and Paul Lemon believe project reviews represent a great opportunity to improve your firm’s performance and brand, provided professionals are prepared to invest the time making this a routine activity.

pm May 2016, Paul Lemon (Performance Leader), Ray DCruz (Performance Leader)

Practice profile
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Responsive and dynamic

There was a time when professional firms were limited in their ambitions by the size of their home economy. But Dublin-based practice William Fry now has more offices outside Ireland than inside. Its marketing and business development heads, Sinead Hennebry and Caitriona McGonagle, talk to Neasa MacErlean. 

pm May 2016, Neasa MacErlean

Management focus
Don’t lose trust, build it!

Peter Rosenwald believes that, when it comes to data protection regulations, if you think compliance is expensive, try noncompliance.

pm May 2016, Peter Rosenwald (Chartered Developments)

How to ...
Unlock the power of your data

Tara Grehan encourages you to step up your data game, to improve reporting, data understanding and insights.

pm May 2016, Tara Grehan (Datalytics)

Marketing basics
Who is winning the US content battle?

Helen Bertelli and Jamie Diaferia look at the content success of the US?legal and accounting industries.

pm May 2016, Helen Bertelli (Infinite Spada), Jamie Diaferia (Infinite Spada)

Open up to mentoring

David Daly believes that mentoring is one of the most cost effective ways of setting the factors for success in your business life.

pm May 2016, David Daly

Second opinion
For your comfort and safety

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: how self-proclaimed devotion to ‘customer service’ is often used to disguise more selfish motives.

pm May 2016, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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