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September 2016
Volume 24 Issue 2

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All change please, all change…

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.”

pm September 2016, Claire Fowler (The BD Consultancy)

Global Village
On the move…

Appointments, promotions and departures.

pm September 2016, Nadia Cristina (PM Forum)

Cultivating your content tree

Leor Franks looks at content marketing and explains that it’s what you do with it that counts.

pm September 2016, Leor Franks (FTI Consulting)

Simple tips for better communication

The best way to communicate ‘change’ and how to get an instant ‘yes’… just by adding one word

pm September 2016, Andy Bounds (Andy Bounds Ltd)

Exhibiting a profitable return

Michelle Daniels discusses how firms can generate a great outcome from conferences and exhibitions.

pm September 2016, Michelle Daniels (Extended Thinking)

The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation

Review of Simon Horton's new book.

pm September 2016, Kim Tasso (RedStarKim Ltd)

Case study
Bringing property research to life

Masha Seymour introduces JLL’s Award winning Global Research Programmes.

pm September 2016, Masha Seymour (JLL)

Marketing basics
Digital tactics for battling Brexit

Whatever your political affiliations and wherever your organisation stands on Brexit, Dominic Zammit believes that one thing is clear; digital is about to catapult high on your agenda.

pm September 2016, Dominic Zammit

Practice profile
print friendly
Being well-prepared

Marketers have been wondering if they need to rewrite their plans following Britain’s decision to exit the European Union. Richard Crook, marketing head across EMEA for commercial surveyor Colliers International, has had a strategy in place for the best part of a year. He talks to Neasa MacErlean. 

pm September 2016, Neasa MacErlean

Management focus
Time for a good story

Stories are human, real and bring businesses to life so, says Luan de Burgh, what better way is there to connect with people.

pm September 2016, Luan de Burgh (The de Burgh Group)

How to ...
What makes a good chart?

Scott Berinato believes that a good chart is more than just a way of visualising data, it can get people to see what couldn’t be seen before. To change minds. To cause action.

pm September 2016, Scott Berinato (Harvard Business Review)

Structuring the best team

Rachael Wheatley discusses why context is crucial when creating a first-class BD team.

pm September 2016, Rachael Wheatley (The PACE Partners LLP)

CMO – the new CEO

What might the future be like if marketers were in the driving seat of the professional firm? David Brady gives his opinion.

pm September 2016, David Brady (Vuture Group)

Second opinion
The post-Brexit BD boom

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: what effect is Brexit likely to have on those who work in the professions?

pm September 2016, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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