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Summer 2015
Volume 23 Issue 1

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The trusted adviser is dead. Long live the trusted adviser

Being a ‘trusted adviser’ is not about saying you are, it’s about showing you are.

pm July 2015, Rachael Wheatley (The PACE Partners LLP)

Pricing as one of the 4 ‘P’s

Pricing guru Richard Burcher believes that everyone in the firm needs to understand the importance of the relationship between pricing and the marketing mix.

pm July 2015, Richard Burcher (Validatum)

Subject to jurisdiction?

Business development in the legal sector is one of the most diverse professions Laura Canudas have ever come across.

pm July 2015, Laura Canudas (Cuatrecasas)

Purrfect practice in internal comms

Claws-bared, Andy Holt offers some feline philosophy on how to develop the best approaches to communicating organisational strategy.

pm July 2015, Andrew Holt (Words & Pictures Ltd)

Professional Services Marketing Handbook

New book by Nigel Clark and Cahlares Nixon.

pm July 2015, Robert Pinheiro (Withy King)

Blogging the Budget

Fran Kidd looks at how smaller practices can use social media to stand out and how they overcame the problem of fee earners struggling to adapt to its immediate and bite-sized ethos.

pm July 2015, Fran Kidd (Critchleys)

Stepping up to manager

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted and now you have a team to manage. Scary! But Jo Emerson has some sound advice for any new manager.

pm July 2015, Jo Emerson

Practice profile
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Going against the usual traffic

The Exeter practice that expanded to London, Michelmores is one of a kind. Marketing director Louise Edwards tells Neasa MacErlean some of the ways in which the firm swims against the tide.

pm July 2015, Neasa MacErlean

SocialHuman: a leap of faith

In a controversial extract from her new book Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer, Chrissie Lightfoot believes that branding isn’t everything. But everything is branding.

pm July 2015, Chrissie Lightfoot

How to ...
Targeting and developing new business

Michelle Daniels looks at how firms can develop effective targeting and pipeline management.

pm July 2015, Michelle Daniels (Extended Thinking)

Brand and the Bar

How on earth can you manage profile and reputation in an environment which is dominated by sole practitioners? James Huckle looks at the world of the barrister.

pm July 2015, James Huckle (20 Essex Street)

Marketing basics
Getting published

Carl Friesen looks at publishing your firm’s content in media already trusted by its market.

pm July 2015, Carl Friesen

Second opinion
It’s all about the client – or is it?

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: how far is it true that writing about the client is the key to producing successful proposals?

pm July 2015, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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