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Summer 2014
Volume 22 Issue 1

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Attracting new clients through corporate journalism

New research proves that advisers can cut through clutter by publishing ‘corporate journalism’, according to new research.

pm July 2014, Larry Bodine (Larry Bodine Marketing)

Global Village
Marketers on the move

Appointments, promotions and departures.

pm July 2014, Nadia Cristina (Practice Management International LLP)

Are your BD ducks in a row?

As it’s five times easier to cross-sell services to existing clients, Nicola Webb believes it makes sense to focus on them first and not just target new clients.

pm July 2014, Nicola Webb (Conscious Consulting)

Motivating high performers

Jane Downes looks at what a leader can do to ensure high performers continue to be motivated.

pm July 2014, Jane Downes (Clearview Coaching Group)

From vision to reality

Anya Webster looks at the process of developing a vision statement and what firms have to do to make the vision a reality.

pm July 2014, Anya Webster (TLT)

Best practice
Becoming a commercial adviser

In the first of a series of articles, Ben Kent and Adrian Furner explore how advisers can better achieve their client’s desired outcomes.

pm July 2014, Adrian Furner (Meridian West), Ben Kent (Meridian West)

Crisis, Issues and Reputation Management

 Review of Andrew Griffin's new book.

pm July 2014, Sophie Hayes (PM Forum)

Case study
Using learning expertise for client service

Nigel Spencer discusses how a firm can create client value and differentiation through learning partnership activities.

pm July 2014, Nigel Spencer (Reed Smith LLP)

Practice profile
print friendly
Breaking with tradition

Has Richmond Chambers in London become the first organisation to discover the template that many other barristers will adopt in future? Paul Richmond and Sarah Giddens tell Neasa MacErlean why they formed an Alternative Business Structure and how it broadened their marketing options.

pm July 2014, Neasa MacErlean

Management focus
Innovation – Cash cow or Unicorn?

Ian Buckingham believes that, given the right conditions, a few lawyers or accountants will out innovate a dozen creatives every day of the week.

pm July 2014, Ian Buckingham (bring yourself 2 work)

How to ...
Demystify Google Analytics

While Google Analytics has been around for nearly 10 years, and is free, it is still not used to its full potential in the majority of organisations. Lucy Johnston provides some clarity as to what marketers really need to know.

pm July 2014, Lucy Johnston (Bread & Butter Marketing)

Marketing basics
How firms engage their people

Lee Smith discusses the findings of recent research on internal communication in professional services.

pm July 2014, Lee Smith (Gatehouse)

Research report
A new model for effective client management

With so many elements that help to create, develop and retain a client relationship, do professional service firms need to review their attitudes to client management? Jack Berkovi shares his passion for client-centricity alongside insights from recent research.

pm July 2014, Jack Berkovi

Second opinion
When coming second makes you a winner

John de Forte takes a sideways look at the world of professional services marketing. This month: how an unsuccessful tender can have a positive outcome.

pm July 2014, John de Forte (de Forte Associaties)

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