Building relationships and networks in a virtual world

North West

So, in our mostly virtual world, how have people in professional services built new relationships and networks, and engaged in innovative ways to keep their business moving forward? 

In this PM Forum session, our panellists will share how they’ve adapted and changed their approach, what’s added most value and what technology tools (if any) they’ve adopted to help.


The Disruptors Vs. The Disrupted


Learn from Kelly Mackenzie, White Bear, how to build a winning brand that stands above its competition and in the minds of clients with an emphasis on:

  • Challenger thinking 
  • Five tips to pave the way to becoming a Future Unicorn.

This session is aimed at marketers and senior brand managers from start-ups to boutique, mid-tier and larger professional firms who need to ‘step up’ to stay relevant.


PM Forum in the Community


The PM Forum has a major asset: You. Our members. Your knowledge and the expertise held within the firms you represent. For our final event of the year, we’d like to call on all that experience to help a charity meet some key business and marketing challenges.

This year we will be working with Hestia, a charity which supports adults and children in times of crisis and we will hear first-hand some of the marketing challenges this dedicated team face.

Three areas for development have been highlighted by the charity and attendees will be split into teams to work with representatives of the charity to discuss and brainstorm each one:

  • Scaling up our digital offering 
  • Keeping connected with colleagues and volunteers 
  • Making the most of corporate partners 

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