Motivation and Confidence – what we need to keep a positive virtual presence

South West

There is an extreme of situations right now. Two things that can really affect how we communicate are our levels of confidence and motivation. With this in mind this one hour workshop will give you an opportunity to stop, take stock and take away some useful reminders on how to communicate as well as we can.


Value and Currency – the key to successful M&BD plans that work in the real world


As the business planning period approaches for many firms how do your BD and marketing plans really stack up against the goals of the firm? Are they strategically and financially aligned to the firm’s business objectives? How will you prove ROI on your efforts, particularly for the intangibles? Does your planning really answer the question – what value to you really bring to the firm? 

Our panel of experts will talk about how to align your plans and how to use them to showcase your successes.

Planning survey
How does your firm approach the planning process? Please complete a short questionnaire so we can understand more about how you and your team plan, and so we can be sure that our panellists will cover the questions that matter to you.

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