A digital/data round up of 2021 and what to expect in 2022

South West

Simon Marshall will present a sense of what’s ahead in 2022, where intent-based marketing will grow: creating a focus on specific goals instead of casting a wide net so resources are focused on prospects with a high chance of conversion. 

He will also discuss the role of marketing in delivering digital as part of a full set of services.


2022: Fresh opportunities or new challenges for PSF marketers?


This year's research has a particular focus on:

  • The strategies professional firms are taking to transform or rebound after a period of significant change, and the role marketing and BD will play to support these plans
  • Maximising success and client engagement in a hybrid working environment
  • Marketing and BD technologies and systems that will deliver success during 2022 and beyond.

Alastair Beddow, of Meridian West, will discuss these issues with a panel of industry experts including Leor Franks (Kingsley Napley), Lesley Hornung (HLB Global) and Matthew Allen (Bidwells).


Converting online connections to meaningful relationships


In this session, Gordon White will explore ways to manage your online business relationships and how to move them to the next level – a face-to-face meeting, even if it is on Teams or Zoom. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • Building a relevant online community
  • Multi or single-channel communication – What works best?
  • Social selling – How it works and how to make it work for you
  • Engaging with new contacts and controlling the conversation
  • Learning from the data – how to make use of the analytics
  • Third-party tools that can help you build relationships

Previous webinars

Member only

In this webinar, Mike Coulter shares a simple, powerful way of looking at human behaviour and how you can apply it to influence even the trickiest of partners in your firm!

Member only

In this webinar, Nick Davies shed light on the essentials, based on the ground-breaking work of Daniel Kahneman (Thinking Fast & Slow), Robert Cialdini (Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion), Kevin Dutton (Flipnosis) and Dr David Halpern (Inside the Nudge Unit) and gave members the knowledge and tools that can be put into practice straight away.

Member only

In this webinar Gavin Brown, of Speak With Impact, shared his experience of the different types of hybrid presentations; suggested vital adjustments to eye contact, body language and voice; and explored how to engage a hybrid audience so you keep them from beginning to end.

Member only

In this webinar Paul Roberts, of MyCustomerLensSpeak, shared his thoughts on how to generate more feedback intelligence, align your client listening programme to your client journey and link client listening to business outcomes like referrals and new revenue.

Member only

In this webinar it was over to our members to find out first-hand how BD is working in the hybrid world. With many organisations welcoming back in-person meetings, events, and in some cases travel, now seemed like the right time to take stock of where we are.

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