Should client experience be a strategy or a reaction to feedback?


In the first webinar of 2021 from the Yorkshire committee, we will discuss the validity of having a strategy and the potential impact vs simply measuring client experience and taking ad-hoc action, including:

  • how you might start to build a CX strategy,
  • factors influencing likely success or failure,
  • how to embed and measure it.

2021: What will the new year hold for PSF marketers?


Join us for an interactive session as Meridian West and a panel of industry experts preview the year ahead. 

This year's research has a particular focus on:

  • The marketing and BD strategies that will enable firms to thrive in 2021,
  • How to plan and execute your 2021 priorities successfully in a volatile market,
  • How to maximise impact at a time when marketing budgets are under pressure. 

The session will include a short presentation of results followed by a debate with a panel of experts including Vikki Whittemore, Gateley; Jenni Montgomery, Barton Willmore; and Simon Rusling, Barnett Waddingham.


Why firms need to wake up to online reviews

West Midlands

In this session, Simon Marshall will discuss why firms need to take online feedback seriously as well as providing some advice as to how to deal with negative online reviews. 

He’ll also share the results of a piece of research he has conducted into online law firm reviews. 

Attendees will leave this session:

  • Understanding several important sources that need monitoring;
  • Capable of monitoring those sources;
  • Understanding the importance of online feedback; and
  • Understanding how it affects your broader business development work.

Now is the time to make LinkedIn a strategic priority

North West

In this session we will be joined by Teo van Barthold, an account director at LinkedIn who will provide insight into:

  • The changing behaviours of the C-Suite in light of the disruption of 2020, plus predicted future social media engagement and trends with this audience.  
  • Effective LinkedIn strategies, including best practice examples
  • New features on the roadmap for LinkedIn in 2021 
  • How Sales and Marketing can work more collaboratively on the platform to better engage target audiences.
  • How to articulate the value and ROI to leadership to secure increased investment 

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