Wednesday 20 January 2016,

Digital Marketing was the buzzword of 2015, so we kicked off the 2016 series of Forums in the East Midlands with some tips and tricks for improving and measuring your digital marketing activity.

Dez Derry of MMA Digital delivered an insightful session on the current trends in digital marketing, how to go about advertising on social media and how to optimise and measure conversion rates. The Forum was hosted by Shakespeare Martineau in Nottingham.

With mobile searches on the up and Google now pushing non-responsive websites down the rankings, Dez explained that it is essential for companies to have a mobile-responsive website. He also advised us to consider using video content on our websites as 1 in 5 people now look to YouTube for legal information and they are more likely to be remembered, with an increase in time spent on a site of up to 60%.

Advertising platforms on social media are growing quickly and ad spend is on the increase as it is a much more cost effective and targeted way of getting your message out to a larger audience.Dez discussed how twitter and Linkedin allows you to run highly targeted campaigns to specific groups of people and that using cookies can be a useful tactic for re-marketing.

At the session, we also looked at conversion rate optimisation (CRO), which is improving the percentage of visitors who end up reaching a given goal. This could be as simple as a newsletter signup. For this to be improved, it is essential to optimise the key web pages that lead to the conversion. Dez suggested various methods and tools for doing this, including A/B and multivariate testing of a call to action. And, to measure the effectiveness of your optimised pages, consider Infinity call tracking, Salesforce CRM and Google Webmaster Tools for keeping on top of updates to Google.

Attendees were able to implement some of Dez’s tips straight away.

Leah Bradley, PM Forum East Midlands Committee
Freelance Marketer for professional services