Tuesday 26 January 2016,

The PM Forum in Yorkshire kicked off 2016 with a significant event where Alistair Beddow, Director of Meridian West and guest Karen Lees, Head of Sector and Client Marketing at DLA Piper discussed the latest Marketing Leaders Benchmark survey and debated how marketing within professional services firms are changing at Wrigley Solicitors in Leeds which was attended by over 35 delegates.

The survey audience was 84 UK senior professional services marketers who contributed to the Marketing Leaders Benchmark 2016. Conducted by PM Forum and MPF in conjunction with Meridian West, it provides an annual snapshot of what’s going on in the world of professional services marketing.

Alistair Beddow of Meridian West outlined the key findings, which indicated that marketers are keen to promote their strategic impact across the business. Transformative change is high on the agenda and importantly, marketing budgets and headcount are on the up.

Some of the key topics that were covered in the session included:

  • Professional services marketing is at a transformation tipping point
  • Marketing should be at the top table to influence fee earners
  • Lessons from the corporate world - looking beyond professionals services for inspiration
  • People buy people
  • It’s all about personalised conversations
  • Technology must be an enabler of the client relationship and plays a vital role in outcomes
  • Marketers should be the glue holding all the pieces of data together
  • Clients buy people – and outcomes

Karen Lees provided some detailed insight to the findings with examples from DLA Piper and the focus was on improving client service, generating good feedback, thought leadership and new products and services. The interactive audience Q&A also shared these views especially around client service, feedback and thought leadership with many examples of where this has been prioritised in order to achieve real marketing ROI.

The feedback from the session was very positive with the general consensus being that it provided some valued insight and once again confirmed the integral role marketing and business development plays in professional services firms. Lots of food for thought on where we can prioritise our services to achieve maximum ROI for clients and fee earners.

Amit Champaneri,
PM Forum Yorkshire Committee Member