Wednesday 27 January 2016,

At our January event in Dublin we ran a workshop style event that allowed us to take a deep dive into how to demonstrate the value of digital marketing, how to create a more data driven approach and deliver a culture amongst our teams, as well as exploring in much greater detail some of the tools, technologies and platforms that can help marketing teams and their implementation of digital marketing.

We are all struggling with pressures of increased deadlines, campaigns and running into age old problem of allowing the urgent to take precedence over the important. This session looked at at several main themes – business goals, persona’s, competition and competitor tracking, content, SEO and finally measuring and delivering meaningful KPI’s based on integrating all of the elements that were covered.

Whilst we are all aware the professional services firms can be different, with relationships based around trust, advisor relations and confidentiality, which can make our role as marketers that bit trickier, when for example trying establish an effective marketing funnel or attribution model with digital. HoweverIt also reminds us of Drucker’s line that what is not measured is not managed. So the first port of call was to set some examples of practical measurable and actionable goals – including some bench marking and scoring for some of the top Irish accounting and legal firms online presence.

Next we ran through the process of developing meaningful buyer personas to allow us to identify target audiences and the goals and pain points potential clients are looing for answers to, and the watering holes where they can be found. At the heart of this we were reminded to always think like marketers – segment, target and positioning so that appropriate messaging is aligned the best channels to maximise impact.

On content, we all acknowledge it is hard, time consuming and often expensive, so some tools to ease this process were illustrated, along with other tools that can help benchmark what your competitors are doing such as Buzzsumo, Moz and Keyword tools were referenced to further help in this process. From here we jumped to SEO basics. Basics that even some big firms in the were missing and again running through some benchmark and SEO grading tools to help find why your site is not performing as well as your competitors.

On digital integration we discovered and discussed ways to tie all these elements together and introduced examples of digital dashboards and meaningful KPI’s that can be used to track digital activities and as importantly help demonstrate the value of digital to the wider marketing and business development teams – but as importantly to partners to help them fully understand the value that digital marketing can bring to a firms overall marketing mix.

Raphael O’Donoghue,
PM Forum Ireland Regional Director