Thursday 28 January 2016,

This was the second time I’d seen and heard Simon Preece give this presentation. He’d tweaked it a little and it was so rammed full of helpful insights and ideas that I found it even more powerful than the Yorkshire event.

He started by explaining the importance of having talented people and Elwood’s journey from Guiseley to global offices and a client list to die for. As in a pitch you start by showing who you are and relationships are critical. When pitching we should appeal to all the senses and how our clients feel about things really does matter. Plus you have to demonstrate your integrity and always do what is right for the client.

Having ambitious goals, a mission and hunting clients down both challenges and inspires the team. So that when you get to pitch you give the clients a real experience. Understanding, and showing that you understand the business and how their actual customers think, feel and respond can be incredibly powerful. You want your clients to think and believe that “you get it”.

Planning is central to successful pitching and setting a clear timetable and delegating responsibilities for actioning the work is essential. In addition, having other to critique your team’s presentation – like a “Dragon’s Den” has huge benefits. Get everyone in the team involved and engage with all the people you are presenting to – not just the key or most powerful ones.

Vary the pace and the media you use and be ruthless about cutting down – tl;dr (too long don’t read). Think about where you present and how you set the room/venue out and stand when delivering your pitch. Never try, do, be clear and confident and be sure they know why they should select you and always follow up.

Engage your audience and make sure they do “get” your message!

Tim Collins,
Regional Director PM Forum NW