Wednesday 22 June 2016, Nottingham

Hosted by Poppleston Allen in Nottingham, the recent East Midlands Forum was an interactive session conducted by the Personal Communications Academy (PCA). Speakers, Joe Fredericks and Charlie Swann took the group through a series of activities that encouraged us to think about and improve the way we communicate in order to create more of an impact in the workplace.

According to research, image and impact are two of the most important factors to people in senior roles at professional services firms and to demonstrate how personal impact can influence the way in which you are seen and heard by a senior person, Joe and Charlie enacted a role play meeting between a business development manager and a senior partner.

This role play was then repeated at the end of the session after we had explored the three pillars of personal impact, which can help to enhance your presence and make you feel more confident about your ability to come across with the personal impact you and your firm need.

The outcome was that by applying the theory of the three pillars, the BD manager in the role play was able to conduct himself better at the meeting and engage the senior partner more effectively to come away with a set of action points, something that wasn’t achieved first time round.

The interactive and engaging nature of this PMF session enabled the group to take-away many practical tips to put into practice in our own workplaces.

Leah Bradley
Marketing Consultant, V Formation
Regional PR,PM Forum East Midlands