Thursday 03 March 2016,

Dez Derry from MMA Digital was the guest speaker at the March Yorkshire PM Forum event which was hosted by Irvin Mitchell.

MMA has an impressive professional services client list and mainly specialises in maximising the digital impact of law firms. To this end Dez presented to an equally impressive audience from Yorkshire professional services firms on the hot trends.

Dez opened with a slide of logos belonging to businesses that don’t have any assets but are all household names – such as Amazon, Uber and Spotify. He then made the observation that professional services firms are behind the times with their digital strategies – mainly because of the senior decision makers.

Top tip #1 – make your website mobile responsive

There are 83m mobile devices in the UK which are used to buy, listen, watch and search 24/7 and 2m people search for legal services everyday on Google with 51% of those searches being from a mobile phone.

Top Tip #2 – Simplify your offering into a 60 sec, 150 word video

Research shows that your customers have an 8 second attention span which is 1 second less that a goldfish and that 28% of an average web page is read. A single internet video holds attention for around 2 minutes

Top Tip #3 - introduce quality video

One in 5 people are researching legal topics using You Tube and by 2019 80% of the worlds internet traffic will be video. Research shows that your product is 74% more likely to be remembered if on You Tube but it needs to be quality video as most people now have 4k HD TV. Facebook have started using video ads and using catch up TV channels such as 4onD are more cost effective.

Top Tip #4– use paid for Social Media

There are currently 1.7bn active users on social media and 35m in the UK. Advertising opportunities are growing - £15.8bn was spent in 2015, a 33.5% increase on the year before – and that’s because paid for social media is relatively inexpensive. Its costs £20.26 to reach a 100 people with a newspaper ad whereas it costs 25p on Facebook. With social ads it’s easy to choose the demographics ad preferences as it’s easier to drill down into the preferences of the people you are trying to reach – you can even target people who watch a specific TV show. On LinkedIn you can target people by their job role or type of company.

Top Tip #4 CRO – introduce conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who end up reaching a given goal - a newsletter signup, purchase or click through on a call to action. This can be improved by optimising your website, using AB testing to test a communication on half of your customers and a variation on the other half or multivariate testing where you show a different version to a percentage of visitors and find a winner. If that doesn’t work try heat mapping to see where visitors are hovering with the cursor.

Top Tip #5 – attract, engage and convert

There are so many factors that are relevant before a visitor converts such as social proof, ease of navigation on your site, branding, copywriting and trust. Generally the CRO funnel follows this process – visitors are attracted to the site, are engaged, then covert which equates to sales leads.

Top Tip #6 – use analytics

The final part of the presentation was on analytics and there are many options such as Google Analytics, the evaluation of Mail Chimp and other email software. To look at what your competitors are doing sign up to Experian, Semrush or SpyFu. Salesforce is software that will track leads and Moneypenny will monitor your telephone calls out of hours.

After the presentation there was a Q&A which created an interesting discussion.

Top Tip #7 – be there 24/7

Isobel Hainsworth-Brear,
PM Forum Yorkshire Committee
Deloitte LLP