Thursday 17 March 2016,

James Burfield and Dan Fallon presented 2 very insightful, engaging talks exploring search and digital media, highlighting useful tips and common pitfalls to avoid.

James was up first, James has a plethora of experience is the PS sector, starting as a digital marketer for Withy King, before setting up his own agency, Burfield Digital.

James gave some top tips on how to improve engagement with your customers:

  • Audience over algorithm – At the forefront of any activity should be to keep in mind who you are trying to reach? What are they searching for? is a useful site to help understand the terminology that people will use when using search engines to help formulate content.
  • Quality over quantity – Google rates quality and you will be rewarded for it! Content is key, ensure that blogs / content is engaging and gives the information required. Good content is most likely to be shared.
  • Share your content – encourage stakeholders within your organisation to share via social media channels, this will improve engagement, demonstrate confidence and amplify content.
  • Optimisation is only part of the puzzle: You need to understand relevance – check trends – encourage staff to engage with online communities regarding areas of expertise. This will open doors digitally.
  • Measure your results: Use “lucky orange” alongside google analytics. Lucky orange enables you to track search flows across your website
  • Admin –it is important to understand who is using your site, where are they coming from. Word Press can help to create “story telling”.

When summing up James reiterated that “CONTENT IS KING”, the importance of tailoring content for your target audience and using the people around you to spread the word organically across digital media.

Dan Fallon, founded Search Star in 2005 and is now a leading independent PPC and digital media buying agency.

Dan’s talk was on how not to waste your money on digital and gave some great advice on content and options available to maximise your digital investment.

5 tips to help get more from your PPC

  • Be fussy – insure you are using the most effective words in attract potential clients – for example “intellectual property lawyers” rather than “Intellectual property law” The latter is likely to attract students rather than a potential client. (You are paying for each click – make the working relevant). Words to avoid are “job”, “free” and “DIY”.
  • Ads – Relevance, Relevance, Relevance: The price you are charged by google will come down with the number of relevant clicks.
  • Structure -when building your advert you need to fully understand who you are targeting and their business needs to build the most effective cluster of key words. This will enable you to maximise the opportunities to ensure that your target audience are able to find your business with ease.
  • Create a great and engaging landing page, ensure that’s it is relevant, demonstrate reason to choose you, includes testimonials and call to action.
  • Use Remarketing –why wouldn’t you chase visitors to your website? Remarketing can be targeted with banners only appearing on desirable sites to suit your target audience.

Another area discussed by Dan was webpage evaluation, to take note of the following when analysing the effectiveness of a webpage:

  • Relevant headline to compliment the PPC activity
  • Prominent USPs on the page
  • Effective and simple call to actions / enquiry forms – easy and quick to use, informing users of next steps, for example to expect a call back, “start your claim now”.
  • Use “trust indicators” such as reviews, images of people / staff, testimonials, vocabulary to create trust and empathy and highlight awards.

Both speakers where great at sharing their knowledge, demonstrating how we, as Professional Service marketing professionals, can look to improve and review our current marketing activity to ensure that we are maximising the opportunities available to us in the ever evolving digital environment.

Victoria Hamblin
Marketing Manager, Guildhall Chambers.