Tuesday 22 March 2016,

At the latest East Midlands Forum, hosted by Browne Jacobson, Kim Tasso of RedStarKim and lead trainer for PM Forum, lead an interactive discussion on how to get buy-in from the partners in your business.

The session explored ideas drawn from change management theory and the psychology of persuasion and we discussed the skills required to be effective consultants and coaches – the roles marketers need to adopt to steer the partners into taking action – in order to achieve buy-in.

Kim used the 7 P model of buy-in to explain some of the biggest buy-in challenges and the approaches we can take to overcome these. Dealing with different personalities, understanding the partner mindset and varying thinking styles were key issues and we looked at how segmenting our internal audience according to these differences could help us communicate more effectively and therefore achieve buy-in.

Kim also shared her persuasion tactics for appealing to certain personality types and how to deal with resistance.

Leah Bradley, PM Forum East Midlands Committee
Freelance Marketer for professional services