Wednesday 04 May 2016, Leeds

Brooke Intelligence’s website states they are "providing outsourced skilled middle and front office support services".

This international firm with such business development, research, legal and financial analysis skills are able to promote their core activities of business research, financial research and analytics and legal processing outsourcing to a wide variety of international clients.

The event began with the usual networking opportunity whilst the hosts, Clarion Solicitors, excelled, as always, in keeping those who attended well fed and watered. Fully replete and settled we were treated to the chat and charm of Milan Dalal and Veronica Patton-Cemm who for the following 45 minutes guided us through the maze of business intelligence, information, processes and procedures to obtain and retain client work. The session covered numerous diverse points of view including the drivers and ability of your own staff, how to add values, understanding issues and conversely commercial opportunities as well as creating hooks and conversations.

Between them Milan and Veronica detailed how they could assist with the various sectoral opportunities as well as, because of the research, with the identification and understanding of the financial, general areas of concern and with the clients, together work out solutions to suit specific requirements. Horizon scanning or future gazing sectors and themes are, as everyone is aware, difficult to predict. Processes become end objectives rather than looking at what should be done. Are too many people concentrating on the international bandwagon?

Other points touched on were working out what the next big things are for the next five to ten years? What are the intangibles and game changers? Our double act impressed upon us about keeping aligned to future developments, data analytics including cloud based accounting and gap analysis which can indicate where we could be missing a trick. Clients receive so much data they are not looking. So it is then a question of filtering this to concentrate on what they are really interested in. The challenges are on one side with the solution on the other with business intelligence enabling the start of smart targeting. By giving the research to the fee earners discussions can start thus allowing them to start seeing what is possible.

The subject of business intelligence and what can and should be provided and how it should be used is a big picture which Brooke Intelligence are comfortable with and that was evident in their presentation. The audience found it interesting and comforting to have confirmation of existing as well as new ideas imparted.

Shobha Bentley
PM Forum Yorkshire Committee