Tuesday 04 October 2016, Manchester

This was an eye-opening presentation for marketers less-familiar with the use of video and social media, given by the amiable Martyn Hillier and Richard Brooks of award-winning Tunafish Media.

As they initially pointed out by challenging the audience to scroll down their Facebook page 10 times, video tends to be rather important now, coming up regularly on a high proportion of people’s feeds. Yet many marketers in professional services use it relatively little or not at all.

The Tuna boys duly enlightened us on why this is a channel that can be highly effective in B2B marketing campaigns too. Even cold, logical and cerebral B2B audiences instinctively react emotionally – and video is an easy medium to be emotive with. Though we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when shown McDonalds first ever TV ad (#creepy).

Important lessons included the importance of sharing, not just selling, on social media; treating social and video content as long-term brand and relationship builders; and making sure you keep content creative and interesting (yes, even in B2B!).

There was a useful cameo appearance from Dan Clark, Director of Marketing at JMW, on a campaign to produce testimonial content for its clinical negligence work that steered well clear of the usual law firm approach.  We also heard how with video, less is more…after all, the age of social media and smartphones has reduced our average attention span to less than that of a goldfish…said the tunafish.

Ian Morris
Citigate Dewe Rogerson
Regional PR,  PM Forum North West