Tuesday 25 April 2017, Birmingham

Simon Washbrook from Popcorn email Marketing came in to remind Midlands Professional Service Marketeers all about how to send smarter marketing emails. Simon split the hour into sections, the first being:

The message is vital. 

You need to engage readers by making what you sell emotional.  Bringing the audience along for the ride with non-law related examples of selling cars.  For instance, you never see an Aston Martin stuck in a traffic jam with screaming kids in the back on their promotional images do you.  It’s always spotless clean, the sun is out, and there is no other traffic around!  Selling the Aspiration is far more important that selling the features of what you are selling.  Have you, dearest reader, ever seen an advert selling the transport ability, the tyres and steering wheel of a car. Nope, neither have I. 

So lets move our marketing emails away from the selling the law, or Accountancy, and focus on selling the relationship, where the great legal or accounting advise puts the client after getting it.

The content type. 

Simon went through a variety of email types.  From the traditional Newsletter look and feel (and lets face it, who has more than a few percent click rates to these things), promotional emails – so in our industry, rather than sending something like Amazon sends out – who makes their event invite look different and stand out from the other invites in our industry? And through to the personal looking email – much like you’d send out from your own person Outlook email that looks like a plaintext email and onto postcards type emails.  And which do you think gets you better open rates, click rates or responses?  Get in contact with me to find out.  If you’d have come, you’d have been fed too ;-)

Remember your readers are lazy. 

Make it really easy to do something.  Sending an event invite out? Does it have a clear ‘call to action’.  In an underlined linked name as well as an image (for the people who don’t have images turned on in their email settings!).  And did you know that Green buttons get you more clicks?  You do now.

Some other emailing hints were:

  1. Write as you know the person
  2. Use a step process (step 1, 2 3 etc.)
  3. Set a routine to sending stuff (or you won’t do it)
  4. Send emails for best results on Thursdays.  Not on Mondays and Fridays
  5. Test (send times, send days, text and messages for best results in the long term)
  6. Subject lines max character count – 16 for a 4.6% upturn in clicks!

A huge thank you to DLA Piper who offered the room.  It couldn’t have been done without your help folks, and thank you for such lovely food. Big thanks to Simon Washbrook for running the session.  Feedback showed that was one well received session, so we’ll no doubt run something similar again.

Written by Simon McNidder, West Midlands Regional Director (Simon@DatabaseFirstAid.com)