Thursday 02 February 2017, Birmingham

When the feedback for an event says "Really engaging" or "Best ever, my cogs are turning", it tells you something.  Stuart Packham and Sarah Hannam (who presented Part 1 in 2016) from Hudson covered the new world of work, attitudes and skills needed to succeed in the new workplace. 

Stuart showed us the future is a different workplace, with massive disruption from digitial transformations.  We had some great real life examples.  Amazon taking an immediate 25% share of Staples’ business in it’s first quarter trading when it expanded from selling books to stationary.  Everyone expecting everything to be delivered ‘tomorrow’. And hindsight being a wonderful thing, Blockbuster video being offered Netflix for a very small sum when it was a start-up.  Which one do you now see?

It’s estimated that by 2030, 3 billion jobs will disappear, with about 75% of job families not being needed.  Some replaced, some lost forever. Who had heard of ‘data scientist’ a few years back?  It’s now THE most popular job search term. And to go with all this, we learnt a new acronym to take away with us.  VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous).  We’re going to be living through it.  Hold tight.  We’ll all be hearing much more of Portfolio careers, and On-demand jobs (think UBER drivers choosing how much they work, using UBER as a trading platform, not employer), Squad leaders on a project by project basis, rather than traditional hierarchies and generation Z (those just coming onto the job scene now).  And yes, Baby Boomers are still in the workplace.  How about that for a complex workplace.  Baby Boomer, Generation X, Y & Z all working differently with different needs from their work.  HR is going to be an interesting career. 

Thank you to Kirsty Gallagher for organising the event and Gowling WLG for hosting and providing such great refreshments.

Written by Simon McNidder, Database First Aid Limited
Regional Director, PM Forum West Midlands