Wednesday 18 January 2017, Nottingham

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum, which was hosted by Shakespeare Martineau in Nottingham, Jonathan English from Skeleton Productions lead an engaging session on video and how it can be used to ‘supercharge’ your marketing activity.

The session began by exploring content marketing and the various types of content that can be adopted at different stages of the buying process. Using the Hubspot Model, Jonathan discussed each stage of the process and the various types of content that can be used help guide potential clients through to the next stage.

Jonathan discussed the key benefits of content marketing, which include: 

  • Building loyalty and trust
  • Positioning you/your organisation as an expert
  • Generating better leads
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Driving non-paid traffic to your website

Once the group had explored content marketing, Jonathan moved on to how video can help to enhance content marketing activities. He provided some suggestions on how adding video to your blog posts or e-shots can help boost click-through and conversion rates quite dramatically. 

The group were also given some useful tips on the various types of video that can be used at different stages of the buying process, along with some guidance of how to ensure you get the most from your video by having a well-thought out strategy, a clear brief and efficient production schedule. 

To conclude, Jonathan provided the group with a couple of key video concepts that they should consider developing in the short-term. These consisted of: 

  • Interviews with the experts in your organisation
  • Client testimonials

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith, PM Forum East Midlands PR
Marketing Consultant, V Formation