Tuesday 27 June 2017, Nottingham

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum, which was hosted by Browne Jacobson, Mary Sisson from leadership development company Awbery, lead an interesting session on operating within a VUCA environment and the importance of wellbeing and resilience.

Mary began by defining the term VUCA, which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambigious, and how this, combined with an increasingly multi-generational workforce, results in us all finding ourselves working in a chaotic, ever-changing environment.

The group then discussed, in smaller groups, their own experiences of VUCA and the methods and tools that we use to react and respond. When the groups fed back, it was clear that the need to be agile is key when operating within a VUCA environment.

Mary shared the key things that people need from their leaders in today’s VUCA environment. These consisted of inspiration, kindness and a culture of self-care. Mary particularly focused on the importance of taking breaks and the impact of sleep on performance.

The group then focused on resilience and the ability to bounce back. Again, breaking into smaller groups, the group explored what affects resilience using the Continuum Resilience Model by Hasui et all (2009). The model allowed everyone to identify the specific areas that impact on their own resilience.

Mary concluding by sharing some further reading suggestions that focus on the link between leadership and wellbeing. (http://www.mckinsey.com/global-themes/leadership/arianna-huffington-on-the-link-between-leadership-and-well-being)

Overall, a useful personal development session that emphasised the importance of wellbeing in helping us to be resilient and effective in today’s working environment.

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith
Marketing Consultant, V Formation