Tuesday 21 March 2017, Leicester

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum, which was hosted by Grant Thornton LLP in Leicester, Mark Vigil from Big Sound Marketing lead an informative session on social media and how it can be used to ‘turn up’ and enhance other marketing activities.

The session began with Mark using an interesting analogy of an orchestra to explain how marketing activities should work together to enhance and compliment one another, in order to make a ‘bigger sound’ or have a greater impact in the market.

Continuing with the use of the orchestra analogy, Mark went on to compare social media to an amplifier. If you ‘plug in’ your other marketing activities/tools, social media will help to ‘turn them up’.

Once Mark had set the scene, he explored the various types of content that organisations can use on social media and provided the group with some amusing and interesting examples. He emphasised that getting your content right for your audience is a key component of ensuring your social media activity is successful.

Some suggested examples of good content, included: 

  • Testimonials
  • Videos
  • Photo’s
  • Stories about new deals and customers
  • Opinion pieces
  • Corporate social responsibility news
  • Product news
  • Promotions

Mark discussed the importance of ensuring that your content is relevant to your audience and adds value in order to drive audience engagement. He stressed that social media should not be used purely as a sales tool to talk about your products and services, instead it’s important to get a balance.

Once the group had explored content, Mark went on to discuss the various social media platforms available and how organisations should select the platforms that fit their products and services, with these choices being based around who they are targeting. He suggested starting with two or three platforms and doing them well, before adding more.

To conclude, Mark provided the group with some practical tips on managing social media. These consisted of: 

  • Managing various platforms using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
  • The most effective way to manage feedback received via social media
  • HR considerations e.g. implementing a social media policy
  • Report, measure and improve

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith
Marketing Consultant, V Formation