Thursday 16 November 2017, Nottingham

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum, which was hosted by AdamsonJones in Nottingham, Simon McNidder delivered a practical session on GDPR and the steps required to help get marketing data compliant with the forthcoming GDPR regulations. 

The session began with Simon providing a bit of information about GDPR and the risks that come with not having all your marketing data cleansed and in one place. 

 After setting the scene, Simon went on to explain how to go about developing a step-by-step GDPR action plan, which covered: 

  • Month 1 – find all your data
  • Month 2&3 – combine your data, delete unwanted contacts and standardise information
  • Month 4 – Spring clean your list – use email marketing to ensure you have the right information for your contacts and ask them to opt-in – send reminders
  • Month 5&6 – Spring clean: part 2 – send letters to those without email addresses to try and capture email addresses and gain opt-ins

Simon shared some useful guidance around not including marketing messages in the opt-in emails and also stressed the importance of not sending emails to those who have previously unsubscribed. 

Although getting your marketing data GDPR compliant includes quite a bit of work, Simon also highlighted some of things you can expect once you gone through the cleansing process. These include: 

  • Increased click-through rates
  • Increased opportunities to cross-sell
  • More targeted marketing lists
  • Less competition in your target audiences’ mailboxes

Simon also shared some useful tips about the best way to handle new data that is collected after the main cleansing processes and emphasised the importance of using a welcome email to ensure you have clear evidence of opt-in.

Overall, it was a useful session, with some practical tips and advice to help get prepared for GDPR. 

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith, PM Forum East Midlands PR
Marketing Consultant, V Formation