Wednesday 29 November 2017, Manchester

We hear a lot about artificial intelligence but most of us still struggle to get to grips with how it will affect us in our professional lives. David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions gave us a whistlestop tour of what AI is, how some companies are using it, the pros, the cons….and whether it is going to take our jobs.

63% of people are already use AI tools without realising it, we learned. But what about in the workplace? AI has many uses in marketing, it turns out, from content curation to preventing fraud and data breaches, pricing products to performing customer segmentation. AI can increase your customer leads, reduce your operational costs by improving processes, and provide greater regulatory compliance at a lower cost.

But is it going to take our jobs? Well, the amiable Mr Gilroy told us that the more our roles become rule and target based, the more they become like algorithms, so if your job has become a series of targets and tick boxes you need to watch out.

Marketers, on the other hand, should be ok. But they need to start using it to make themselves and their organisations more effective, just to compete with those who inevitably will.

A fascinating glimpse into the future – which apparently is now. “Alexa! How do I design a bot?”

Written by Ian Morris, Citigate Dewe Rogerson
Regional PR, PM Forum North West