Tuesday 12 September 2017, Birmingham

Who doesn’t want to know what your clients and potential clients think about you, your competition, and what they want from their professional services suppliers?

Nisus Consulting run a regular survey of organisations, and the results are hot off the press. So, the stats… 800 organisations completed the survey, with nearly 2,300 respondents in total.  76% of respondents worked in Europe and there was a 50:50 split of legal fee earners and management roles.

So, what were the three things most important to clients?  Work quality?  Marketing material?  Your swish offices?  Technology?  Nope. There were 20 options available.  So, here are the top three.

The report findings identify that the most important factor in service excellence is Strategic Thinking.  Second was Personal Chemistry.  Third was Problem Solving.  There you have it.  If you read nothing else, and do nothing else, focus on those three things.

Getting the invoice roughly aligned with the original estimate helps, and of course, no invoice surprises.

So where was marketing material dearly beloved marketing reader?  Bottom three of the 20 I’m afraid.  So why spend so much effort on them?

So, is focusing on those top three just for the magic circle?  Can only big boys play at this game?  Not at all.  A £20m turnover firm can solve problems just like a £200m turnover one!

And “How likely would you recommend ‘x’ firm?” was a key question asked.  And most firms need to improve judging on the percentage of very positive replies. Maybe just work on the top three key issues for year and see what happens.

Top three points raised by Hilary?  Identify your most profitable clients and get close to them.  Make sure your service measures up to expectations, and manage costs better.

Thanks to Mills & Reeve for hosting and putting on such lovely food and offering their offices, and huge thank you to Clare Hobley and the team for their hospitality and hard work to help us have a great event.

Want the full report?  Just email Hilary Gladwell, Research and Client Relationship Manager, at Nisus Consulting on hilary@nisus.net

A heads-up on future sessions dear reader… Lookout for dairy dates and invites about ‘time saving and time management’, and ‘How to get your CRM database or mailing lists fit for the GDPR’ sessions.

And, because it’s so important, I’ll repeat the three most important points raised by respondents that they want to see from their suppliers.  Strategic thinking was first.  Second was Personal Chemistry.  Third was problem solving.

And don’t forget.  Client surveys are not just for Christmas.  They are a continual thing.

Written by Simon McNidder, Database First Aid Limited
Regional Director, PM Forum West Midlands