Thursday 14 September 2017, Nottingham

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum, which was hosted by Mazars in Nottingham, Aaron Dicks from Impression lead an informative session on digital marketing, focusing on the hot topics of the moment along with a useful insight into the future of digital marketing. 

Aaron kicked off the session by defining digital marketing, which he broke down as follows:

  • Digital marketing = data driven marketing
  • Communication over the internet
  • Computers and mobile devices
  • Modern display advertising
  • Increasingly social and audience 

Aaron briefly shared the specific digital marketing elements, including apps, web design SEO, video production, email marketing, branding, social media and content marketing. Along with a recap of how digital marketing has evolved since the first email in 1983. 

Once Aaron had set the scene, he focused on some of the key ‘hot topic’ areas of digital marketing, specifically: 

Website, landing pages, optimisation – website speed and security is paramount and recommended that all websites should have an SSL certificate. 

Search, content marketing and digital PR – brand storytelling content is as important as ever and should provide the answers to genuine customer questions. 

Search engine optimisation – being visible on mobiles is critical. Google is also placing increased emphasis on how people ask questions. 

Paid-for digital advertising – utilise the audience matching features on advertising platforms to increase effectiveness. Also, consider display advertising and retargeting and remarketing methods. 

CRM, tracking and analysis – capture and analyse as much data in your CRM as possible. Aaron briefly touched on the forthcoming GDPR regulations and the importance of ensuring your data is compliant. He also suggested considering automation, call source tracking and using Google analytics effectively. 

Prior to summarising the session, Aaron shared some interesting insights into the future of digital marketing, including the rise of voice search, the influx of new digital devices e.g. Alexa, chat bots and artificial intelligence. 

The session was well received by the group and provided an informative overview of current digital marketing trends, along with a peek into what lies ahead for digital marketing. 

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith, PM Forum East Midlands PR
Marketing Consultant, V Formation