Friday 02 February 2018, Dublin

How to use the remaining time to prepare for GDPR’s arrival on the 25th of May

The impending arrival of GDPR can seem insurmountable, particularly for the marketing industry where our network is a long history of relationships stretching back years and in some cases generations.

To help ease fears, Hugh Jones from Sytorus took recent PM Forum members through best practice for planning for GDPR in the remaining months. Hugh has a wealth of experience with data protection and is working with organisations across a variety of industries to implement effective GDPR strategies. Hugh’s advice to attendees was clear, every day you wait is a step closer to not being compliant to the legislation.

Hugh advised that the first action any organisation must take is to start assessing the data it holds on individuals and evaluating how confident the organisation can be that it has the right to hold that data. Hugh advises on a gold, silver and bronze strategy when grouping data to ensure that an organisation can feel comfortable in the data it holds.

Gold standard data is any information which the organisation feels it has the right to hold and to use. This data can be retained.

Silver represents data which an organisation is positive it has the right to hold but needs to work to be able to demonstrate this.

Bronze quality data is information which the organisation is unsure where it has come from.

For silver and bronze Hugh strongly recommends taking immediate action to ensure that when the 25th of May arrives the organisation is compliant.

Hugh advised attendees that the biggest impact of the new legislation is that the onus is on the organisation to demonstrate that it has the right to hold this information, and not just legacy information but any data into the future.

The event concluded with a detailed and engaged Q&A discussion with examples from industry as to how different marketers are approaching the biggest security challenge of the year.

Louise Walsh, Drury|Porter Novelli