Tuesday 27 February 2018, Manchester

We are now all aware that the great differentiator in a packed and growing professional services marketplace is what your clients say about you.

But how do we know what they really think? There is more to it than simply sending out a client satisfaction survey.

The starting point has to be understanding their experience. How easy is it to do business with you? What does your service delivery look like from the client's perspective? How much time and effort do they need to invest to ensure that they get the right service, at the right time, to the right quality and price?

This session introduced you to the principles of client journey mapping. You learnt how to:

  • Challenge your existing processes to reduce waste, duplication and unnecessary tasks
  • Increase profitability through increasing efficiency
  • Improve your understanding of the client experience resulting in reducing their time and effort in doing business with you
  • Reduce the time between receiving an instruction and being paid
  • Increase your net promoter score.