Wednesday 21 March 2018, Nottingham

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum event, which was hosted by Poppleston Allen in Nottingham, Sam Turner, Head of Digital at Clients First led an informative session on building client personas and the importance of personalisation. 

Sam kicked off the session by focusing personalisation. He shared a useful meeting tool with the group. The tool is free to use and allows potential clients to easily book meetings with you, it is available here: 

Sam shared a few case studies to highlight the benefits of personas. One case study showed that after using buyer personas one firm found: 

  • a 900% increase in length of visit
  • a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue
  • a 111% increase in email open rats
  • a 100% increase in the number of website pages visited 

Sam then defined what a persona as: 

“A marketing persona is a personalised, fictional, generalised representation of a defined and individualised market segment. Normally this is expressed in a template. Often the market segment represents your ideal client, but not necessarily. Client personas help marketing to tailor campaigns and messaging to your clients’ beliefs, goals and challenges, place that messaging in the right place, overcome objections and, ultimately, secure more of the right sort of client.” 

As well as sharing various examples of how to create personas, Sam also signposted the group to a persona template. The template is available at: 

The group discussed some elements to include in personas, which included industry, goals, challenges, preferences and why they would want to buy from you. Sam also stressed the importance of research in helping to create your personas and how, although personas are generally accepted as beneficial, if they are based on assumptions rather than credible research, they can actually have a negative impact. 

Once personas have been created it’s important that internal awareness is raised and that they are utilised when making strategic marketing decisions. Sam also discussed the role of technology to really amplify the impact of personas and marketing personalisation. 

Overall, Sam provided an extremely informative  and thought provoking session, with lots of useful tips and tools for the group to take away. 

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith
Marketing Consultant, V Formation