Wednesday 07 November 2018, London

The November London PM Forum was hosted by Mazars in Tower Bridge, Alex Low from Digital Leadership Associates shared how social selling can help break down barriers, how to get results and aid relevant content generation.  He gave some great examples and tips which I have shared with you all below!

Alex kicked off the session by sharing Carol Dweck’s mind-set theory which identified two distinct mind-sets which impact individuals’ approach to practice and learning – within education and the workplace.

  • ‘Fixed mind-set’ defines people who believe basic qualities – like intelligence and talent – are fixed traits that cannot be developed or embellished.  They tend to display a resistance to taking on challenges that hold the risk of failure.
  • ‘Growth mind-set’ defines people who believe their basic abilities can be developed through dedication, good strategies and mentoring from others.  Individuals tend to embrace new learning/experiences and strive to personally improve.

“The notion of mind-set shift is important for organisations undergoing digital transformation”

Alex then moved on to explain that although it is important to be digitalised in today’s society … everything that cannot be digitalised and automated, will become extremely valuable!

“People like people! …It is all about personal experience as much as it is digital”

Digital around the world in October 2018: The latest statistical indicators from Internet, social media and mobile use around the world indicates there are 4.1bn internet users, 3.4bn active social media users, 5.1bn unique mobile users and 3.2bn active mobile social users (Stats from Hootsuite)

“Find out where your audience are … are you reaching out to them?”

Think about social media globally: WeChat is a central social platform used in China – it is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. It was first released in 2011, and by 2018 it was one of the world's largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users, with over 1.8 billion monthly active users

Discussion then progressed onto the importance of a ‘good digital experience’.  Alex used LinkedIn profiling as an example

“What does your profile say to others? - We all jump to conclusions!”

"We all need to remember LinkedIn gives you a public recommendation - It is your digital handshake!”

Alex gave some great ideas we could all benefit from;

  • What does your picture say about you?
  • Does your headline indicate to others you are the right person to contact? – “Don’t get hung up on title”
  • Make your profile a call to action! – Make it easy for clients to buy from you – include a contact number or hyperlink (this function has just been added) but not your homepage!
  • Clients are less interested in “sales people” and want to hear from “subject matter experts”
  • Remember your ‘connects’ are important – it is the old digital address book!
  • Be the driving force in connecting fee earners to clients
  • Use LinkedIn to create influencers within your organisation
  • Market through your network, not to it
  • Use podcasts, hyperlinks, #’s around your organisation, stats and analytics – show these tactics to your fee earners!

“Remember, social is 24/7 – Interaction needs to be regular”

Useful and interesting hashtags, people and organisations to follow;

  • #askalex
  • #deathofdirectories
  • Lee Grunall
  • Crafty counsel
  • Green Target
  • Bram watch

Emilie White - Acuigen