Wednesday 28 November 2018, Manchester

It’s notoriously hard to demonstrate the impact of thought leadership and content on pipeline and revenue, or often to measure the effect it’s had at an account level on relationships with specific clients and targets.

With or without the introduction of marketing and sales automation systems, unless we change our thinking and approach – across sales and marketing – to how we plan and execute TL, our ability to show ROI will forever be stuck ‘top of funnel’. We might get comfort from great stats on engagement, web traffic and PR, but it’s not enough.

In this session, Angela suggested we need to ‘turn our thinking on its head’ to get better commercial outcomes from thought leadership and content (or indeed all marketing activity!)

She shared:

  • How unintended outcomes from the status quo impact our relationships
  • The impact good and bad thought leadership has on client perceptions and actions
  • Practical advice and tools to create better content
  • How you can create materials to help your people engage with target buyers and sell more
  • Three practical steps you can take on existing activity to get a better commercial outcome.