Tuesday 02 October 2018, Dublin

How social is your social?

Presenter: Rachel Gallagher, Digital Director, Drury Porter Novelli

Ask most organisations if they are on social media and the answer is yes. Ask most companies how often they engage with their target audience on social media and the answer gets a little trickier.

The evolution of social media means that for many organisations staying abreast of all of the changes, trends and new products is overwhelming. To ensure we were challenging ourselves when it comes to social media, Rachel Gallagher, Digital Director with one of Ireland’s leading communications agencies Drury Porter Novelli, took us through our paces and told us what to think about when it comes to creating content our target audience will want to engage with.

In the past 12 months alone each of the main social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have changed the algorithms they use to evaluate and rate posts and pages. For marketers understanding how these algorithms impact our brand activity is crucial or we risk creating content that goes nowhere.

Rachel outlined to attendees that while each platform is unique it’s worth being aware of the changes for example when it comes to LinkedIn posts that are particularly relevant to one industry will do better, likewise the new Facebook algorithm prioritises active interactions over passive interactions, so comments, replies and tags are important.

Before we consider any social media activity we need to ask ourselves why are we on social media, who is it we hope to reach and what do we want them to take from our interaction with them? We then need to remind ourselves of the level of competition on social media and challenge ourselves to think and do better if we want to deliver on our objectives.

To assist us in meeting our objectives, Rachel would point to five areas where we should focus our activity: 

  1. Create great content – consider your audience and create content that works for them, always view any post through this lens.
  2. Amplify your Content – the new algorithms greatly restrict the reach or organic posts so utilising sponsored activity is a must for every organisation using social media in business.  
  3. Know who you are talking to – have a target audience in mind, know how your content is going to help them and make sure you’re on the right platforms to reach them.
  4. Use your analytics – these tools are incredibly useful to tell you what’s working and what isn’t. Reviewing your pages analytics on a regular basis will allow you to hone and create content that delivers.
  5. Be social – good social media cannot rely on schedule posts, it requires regular engagement and interaction. For businesses its crucial to allocate value to the time spend ‘socialising’.

Using the five steps above we can create content that works for the business and our target audience to ensure our social isn’t a one-way conversation.


Louise Walsh,  Associate Director, Drury Porter Novelli
PM Forum Ireland Regional PR