Thursday 04 October 2018, Manchester

If you're not already creating video content the chances are that you and your firm have thought about it. But what should you create and why, and how do you make sure you get a return?

This workshop provided you with top tips for providing engaging content, from strategic planning: what content to produce, what to include and how to structure it, through to delivery and what platforms to use in order to realise maximum impact?

This workshop:

  • Presented you with the pros and cons of producing video content internally or with an external provider so you can make a more informed decision.
  • Gave some top tips for creating engaging content internally.
  • Provided a template brief to help you get the most from external providers.
  • Provided strategy ideas and tips to measure engagement and ROI.

We also looked at how and what you should be measuring to work out your ROI, using some basic free and more advanced paid for technology.