Thursday 17 October 2019, Dublin

In our penultimate PM Forum for 2019, Ciara Cooney, Assistant Director at EY and PM Forum Ireland committee member, informed a captive audience on How to build your personal brand and relationships online as well as divulging some LinkedIn tips to those in attendance.

Ciara reminded us that as marketeers we can be good at marketing our company, product or brand, but we fall down when it comes to marketing ourselves and our personal brand. If our brand or company does anything good or wins something, we are very quick to put it up online, so why not do the same thing for ourselves? The business landscape has evolved and as a result so has digital, bearing this in mind, it is important to showcase yourself properly, you are in charge of your own narrative online.

But are you sure you’re showcasing yourself properly online? It is important to remember to shine online, as you would in person, if you are authentic in what you do in promoting yourself, people will trust you.

There are four key elements in building a strong online personal brand:

  1. Build a basic brand
  2. Build an audience
  3. Build credibility
  4. Target opportunities

LinkedIn is an important tool in building your persona brand and developing relationships. The key elements that will get you on your way in developing a memorable profile include:

-          Professional photo/Headshot

-          Detailed title/Position within your company

-          Detailed intro/background

-          Keep your career and accomplishments up to date in real time

-          Define your areas of expertise

Above all, the most important piece in building any brand, personal or company, is ensuring you are searchable. It is vital that Google can find you so your new connections can find you.

Ciara gave some helpful tips when it came to LinkedIn admin:

-          Posting mid-week (Tuesday – Thursday) will get you a lot of engagement. Before or after work are peak post sharing time. 7am-8am, 12pm or 5pm-6pm are the best times to post on LinkedIn  

-          People real LinkedIn like a newspaper, whether on the bus or train

-          True value in LinkedIn comes from having an active profile – share something once a week to stay from of mind with your connections

-          Allocate time each week to catch up and post

-          Build a network – no need to accept everyone. Better to have 200 good connections

-          Move with the times: talking heads for video posts are done, being more casual and keeping your videos shorter in the way forward

-          Maintain uniformity (where you can) across staff LinkedIn pages. These act as an extension of your company

Building your personal brand takes a lot of initial investment, but if used effectively it can make you more efficient. LinkedIn allows you to be out networking without leaving the office and continue to build your personal brand.

Written by Grace Cooney
Drury|Porter Novelli