Wednesday 11 September 2019, Leicester

At the latest East Midlands PM Forum event, which was hosted by Grant Thornton in Leicester, Cat Hase, from Imagine If, ran a particularly interesting session on how to tackle challenges in a more creative way.

Prior to the session, all attendees had been asked to bring along a work challenge that they were currently grappling with. The session kicked off with the sharing of these challenges in small groups.

Once everyone had shared their challenges, the group were asked to think of a range of well-known brands, which were written on post-its and added to the wall. Each person in the group then selected three brands and wrote down what each brand was particularly well known for. 

The group discussed the various brands and their particular characteristics, before applying these brand characteristics to their own problems e.g. how would Ikea solve the issue of teams working in silos?

The group then broke into smaller groups and each person was asked to write down their challenge and share their worksheet with other members in their group, for them to write down various suggestions and solutions to each person’s challenge.

The exercise got everyone thinking differently about the challenges they face in their roles and encouraged everyone to look at things from different perspectives and think creatively about potential solutions.

Overall, Cat delivered an extremely useful session and engaging session with lots of practical tips and suggestions to help encourage everyone in the group to think a little bit differently.

Written by Jemma Taylor-Smith
Marketing Consultant, V Formation