What are family-run businesses looking for in their advisers?

South West

This session will help attendees to understand and communicate back to their firm the expectations of the next generation of family-owned businesses and explore how their own offerings may need to adapt accordingly. It will also, from a marketing perspective, enable you to think about whether your campaigns are truly data driven and therefore personalised to your clients.


Getting it past the partners – All about buy-in


Our speaker, Kim Tasso (who is qualified in business management, marketing and psychology and the lead trainer of all PM Forum workshops), will be covering the following topics:

  • What are our biggest buy-in challenges?
  • The 7 P model of buy-in (People, Psychology, Process & Precision, Plan, Persuasion, Pressure and Patience)
  • Understanding the partner mind set and dealing with personality and cognitive types 
  • Psychological science of persuasion 
  • Top 10 tips for achieving buy-in