Sources of competitive advantage


Our first speaker Alison Hodivala will explore the role of relationship capital in business development, presenting a new ‘perspective’ to help customers unlock the power of their customer relationships to drive business insight and competitive advantage.

Susanne Pugsley, who has worked in house and as a consultant for many law and accountancy firms, will then share her insights into the value of unearthing relationships without asking the professionals to do too much.


Is your client listening programme delivering measurable and meaningful change?

West Midlands

Emma Massingham and Claire Offord of ClientFace will share their top tips around:

  • Best practice for conducting relationship reviews
  • Using client listening techniques
  • Client planning
  • Internal buy-in and engagement
  • Moving from an adviser status to trusted business partner.

Uncommon knowledge


From the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and Account Planning Group, to Thinkbox and The Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Lee Grunnell has dissected the most advanced analysis of effective marketing and reassembled it for professional services firms. In our upcoming June event, he'll tackle knotty issues like:

  • Long term brand building vs. short term sales campaigns
  • Balancing emotion vs. reason in communications
  • When to aim for broad reach vs. when you need tight targeting

The digital triangle: Accountability, Immediacy and Creativity


At the very heart of the huge shift in spend from traditional media to digital are three key components: Accountability, Immediacy and Creativity. Jane Rutter, of Zeal, will share with you some strategies to implement internally to ensure your businesses are harnessing the power of digital and your teams are as aligned as possible.


Separating Fact from Fiction

South West

In this session, Heidi Taylor of Heidi Taylor Marketing, will explore some of the myths that surround our profession and focus on the application of marketing fundamentals for professional services marketers. Specifically, attendees will take away a better understanding of the framework for developing effective, integrated marketing strategy and plans.


How to make a success of your firm’s content marketing


In this session, Simon Manuel, Inks & Dots, will explain why content marketing and professional services firms are perfect bedfellows. This will include looking at two key concepts many firms overlook when putting a content strategy in place: 

  • Content marketing in the context of the sales funnel
  • The role content plays in the firm’s community of clients, contacts and staff.

Livin’ La Vida Local - A local SEO masterclass

East Midlands

In this session, James Sheppard from Adtrak will explain what it takes to be found by customers in your targeted locations.

He will cover the following:

  • Why local SEO matters,
  • Local ‘Maps Pack’ ranking factors,
  • How to optimise your site and 'Google My Business' listing for local search,
  • The importance of a review strategy and how to plan one,
  • Other tips and tricks to get a leg-up on the local competition.