The charter for any reputable professional body is to help its members do a better job.

Events, articles, conferences… all great resources but sometimes what is needed is just a word of advice to avoid hours of research or dead ends.

With over 60 years professional services’ experience across the team at PM Forum HQ, there aren’t many issues or challenges we have not come across. Our extended network means that we can bring together an outstanding ‘collective brain’ of knowledge and information. So if we can’t instantly help, we will generally know someone who can.

Maze and Pencil

So what might you contact us about?

  • An unbiased shortlist of suitable consultants for a particular project;
  • An introduction to a relevant contact in another discipline, region or country;
  • Ideas on structuring an effective job spec;
  • Sourcing an expert to speak at a partner retreat;
  • A venue for a seminar or meeting in an unfamiliar city;
  • Discussing a career opportunity with a neutral counsellor.

…or just a friendly and experienced ear to bounce an idea off.

So why not tap into this amazing resource by asking us for advice – send an email to or dial 020 7786 9786 and speak to Richard, Nadia, Morag, Kazee or Claire.

"What a fantastic new resource PM Forum are offering in PMF Advice. I asked for advice regarding digital marketing courses and had some very useful comments back within 24 hours. The internet is very helpful for research but nothing beats personal experiences and recommendations. Thank you PM Forum for coming up with the fantastic PMF Advice."

Sarah Nicholls