CRM 2010

CRM - Contributing to the health of the firm

Now in its third edition, the PM Forum CRM – The Truth in Professional Services study, in conjunction with The Thriving Company, continues to evolve and to capture the imagination of participants. Well over 500 responses have now been captured in the life of the benchmark. We believe it to be the most significant survey of client relationship management activities – and results – specific to the professional services sector.

Sometimes it is tempting to think of CRM as a ‘bolt on’ activity. However, the reality is that, done effectively, it contributes hugely to the health of a firm. Any firm should focus on building more robust, less volatile revenue streams. Building the capability to deliver the value and service that clients need, and managing this throughout the firm, is the core route. But our report confirms that the abilities of firms to be client focused and to do this well remains very variable.

The report on the findings should be of value not only to marketers in professional services, but also to management team members, and to anyone who cares about, and has the appetite to contribute to, the success of their firm. The results provide a compelling case for senior management to engage more heavily in setting the direction for CRM.

The study focuses entirely on activities taking place today, at professional services firms worldwide. The vast majority are achieving some financial and strategic benefits – but few are achieving their potential. This report articulates what needs to be done to generate improved performance.

In addition to a summary from Robin Dicks of The Thriving Company, the report also includes expert commentary and advice on ways to improve CRM performance. The PM Forum thanks all contributors.


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