CRM 2011

Managing Client Relationships - The Truth in Professional Services study 2011

Effective management of client relationships contributes hugely to the health of any professional firm. It is an issue that defines a firm’s competitive performance. PM Forum members were asked to complete our annual survey in September 2011, 277 participated.

Executive Report

Findings include:

  • Professional firms have improved their ability to gain strategic and financial benefits from CRM activities.
  • Those achieving major benefits across a range of key objectives are still in the minority.
  • The vast majority of firms (93%) continue to make investments. The majority will upgrade, and over a third expect to change systems in the next three years.
  • Satisfaction with, and contribution from, vendors is very variable.
  • The most and least important areas of functionality, vendor choice and satisfaction with the on-going performance of third party advisors may be surprising to both clients and vendors.

There are a number of specific ways in which peer professional services firms have found that they can drive the contribution from vendors and third parties forward.

Professional Firm Report

This comprehensive Report contains insights on the importance of CRM to firms, important attributes in selecting and retaining vendors, and the performance of various vendors. It should help any firm considering changing vendors or aiming to improve the effectiveness and results of their efforts to manage client relationships, and the strategic and financial benefits they gain. PM Forum members can purchase the Report at a reduced price of £295 for orders received before 14 November (£395 thereafter), compared with regular price of £595. The order form can be found on the last page of the Executive Report.

Download the executive report here