Digital Marketing 2010

A paradigm shift

The PM Forum carried out its latest Digital Marketing survey in May 2010 with 170 respondees. The most actively used tools and platforms are (in order of usage): e-mail/e-zines; web analytics; online PR; LinkedIn; micro sites; and blogs. 48% of respondents define social media as ‘user-defined content’ and 32% as ‘the next revolution’. These ratios are little changed from the last PM Forum survey in May 2009.

Some 84% of law and accountancy firms now have a digital marketing strategy. This represents a paradigm shift from the tactical ‘test it and see approach’ common in the past. 26% of accountancy firms and 11% of law firms report a complete (as opposed to a partial) strategy. In addition, 96% of those firms with a digital marketing strategy have now integrated it into their overall marketing plan – some 35% reporting total integration.

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