Marketing Benchmark 2013

Adapting to change: marketers in 2013

The results of the latest MPF/PM Forum and Meridian West benchmarking study reveal marketers in professional services firms making client relationships their strategic focus.

Although clients always have been– and will continue to be – king for professional services firms, the dynamic of the client-adviser relationship has fundamentally shifted in recent years. The 38 UK Heads of Marketing who responded to the latest MPF/PM Forum and Meridian West benchmark are at the forefront of managing this shift. As in the natural world, they need to adapt to prosper in a changing landscape.

Marketers’ preparedness to reinvigorate their firm’s relationships with clients is one measure of success. It is heartening that two-thirds (66%) of respondents rate their ability to shape their firm’s attitudes towards clients as either good or very good. However, the challenges ahead remain significant: clients are demanding a greater consistency of service and are seeking more added-value services but want to pay less for them. How are the UK’s leading professional services marketers addressing these challenges? And how are they being supported by the rest of the business? The results of our benchmark provide a snapshot of the state of professional services marketing in 2013. more on the survey findings…