Marketing Salaries 2008

How much would it cost to replace me?

The PM Forum conducted its annual salary survey of marketers in the professions worldwide in October 2008. 682 responded - a 43% increase on 2007. 25% of respondents are marketing heads with 75% being members of the marketing team. UK firms are the largest group at 42% of respondents. Law is the largest sector (58%). 62% of respondents work for firms with headcount from 250 to 10,000. These ratios are broadly similar to the 2007 survey.


Key change
In 2007, salaries were found to be 12.3% higher at law firms than accountancy. These variances were not present in 2008. As average salaries are higher than in 2008, this suggests that accountancy firms have increased salaries by larger amounts than law firms, particularly for those at director level, who have seen an average increase of 25% in the UK (£67k to £84k).

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