The Yorkshire regional events take place in Leeds city centre at various venues. Membership to the PM Forum is corporate so attendance at all core events is free to all staff of member firms. Sign up here! If you are interested in hosting an event please contact Morag Campbell.

We attract a diverse audience covering marketers in a professional services firm including accountancy, law, property and management consultants. We also welcome partners and senior fee-earners with a marketing remit and agencies/suppliers to the sector.

Educational events with networking opportunities are planned for each year and topics are taken from the annual member research and current trends.

Details of future events:

Wednesday 18 Sep 2019 - Leeds

Getting it past the partners – All about buy-in

Our speaker, Kim Tasso (who is qualified in business management, marketing and psychology and the lead trainer of all PM Forum workshops), will be covering the following topics:

  • What are our biggest buy-in challenges?
  • The 7 P model of buy-in (People, Psychology, Process & Precision, Plan, Persuasion, Pressure and Patience)
  • Understanding the partner mind set and dealing with personality and cognitive types 
  • Psychological science of persuasion 
  • Top 10 tips for achieving buy-in 

Previous events and reports

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