• How do you help make life easier for your members?
    We distill the knowledge, ideas and insights that members need to help them perform their role and develop their capabilities, status, career and network.
  • What are your main member services?
    Our monthly magazine, PM, since 1993; 16 articles being added monthly to the 5,000+ in our article bank; over 100 regional events, webinar and training courses annually; an industry-leading national conference; regular benchmark surveys; active LinkedIn groups with over 6,000 members around the world; access to PMF Advice to avoid hours of research or dead ends.
  • How is your membership structured?
    We provide corporate membership to allow more people to enjoy free magazines, events and access to the article bank – without having to make an individual business case for each service or attendance. Dues are based on the headcount of the firm.
  • Do you charge for your events?
    We only charge for training courses and the annual conference. Firms tell us that this approach helps when budgeting for total membership costs as well as enabling their people to benefit more widely from Forum membership.
  • How do you select topics and speakers for your events?
    We believe that local marketers are best placed to decide on local topics. Local committees suggest a long list. Members are canvassed through online surveys. Popular items are debated and an annual programme agreed by committees. Individual committee members take ownership of specific events and work with the Director and HQ to identify and brief speakers. In-house speakers are used whenever possible.
  • What is the role of your Regional Directors?
    Regional Directors are the Forum’s local ambassadors – a point of contact for members and non-members alike. Each committee works with a Director to ensure consistent support for members as volunteers often find that other commitments have to take priority. Directors are typically specialist consultants.
  • Why are your events, conferences and training courses restricted to members?
    The 'Member-only' structure leads to a unified community with greater participation and knowledge exchange. It also reduces the number of marketing consultants at events. Non-member guests are welcome to attend one event to introduce them to the Forum at no cost.
  • How do you respect the confidentiality of responses to your member surveys?
    Industry leading software is used for all online surveys to increase security. Only aggregated data is published, with all individual responses kept confidential.
  • How strong are you outside London?
    Although London is our largest region with some 1,700 members, we have an equal number of members based elsewhere in the UK and Ireland. Our committees have been organising well-attended events in Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Guildford, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham for many years.
  • How do you represent the marketing community?
    Our sister association, Managing Partners’ Forum organises a group of senior marketers with significant influence over management issues at their firms.
  • How can I join a committee?
    Over 75 marketers have already taken the plunge. Approach your local chair or director and let them know of your interest. We are always happy to welcome new volunteers.
  • How can we make the most of membership?
    Send us a list of those at your firm that would benefit from your corporate membership so we can include them in the event mailings and send them their own copy of the magazine. Encourage them to sign up for our LinkedIn group and on our website for regional mailing lists and newsletters. Let us know when a new person joins so we can formally welcome them to membership. Call us anytime for a chat on 020 7786 9786.