Marketing during a pandemic

Advisers have a unique opportunity during the Covid-19 outbreak to capture new files and business.

Advisers have a unique opportunity during the Covid-19 outbreak to capture new files and business. In-person events are out these days, however, web traffic is up 27% since the plague hit home. Now is the time to use a personal touch and double down on digital marketing.

Call current and past clients to check in on how they are coping. It’s never been more important to connect with people. Many clients are sheltering at home and are looking for reassurance. Check in on how they feel. Clients will remember the phone call and know that they are not alone in the plague. These calls are about establishing rapport, not direct selling. Nevertheless, they do produce new business.

Turn your partners into visible experts online. Well-recognised thought leaders always get more business. The key is to give clients the information they want to know. Fee-earners should have professional photography, an extensive bio and a list of key accomplishments. Their bios should have a link to their notable cases – told as stories, not one-line bullet points – and to videos and podcasts of the expert speaking.

Present an online broadcast: Webinars are the second-most effective form of professional services marketing, after in-person meetings. The two most popular platforms are GoToWebinar and Zoom. They can be used for small meetings where all participants are expected to speak, or public presentations, with one or two speakers and the audience muted. Partners can turn on their webcams to be seen by attendees, PowerPoint slides can be shared, polls and surveys can easily be set up and recordings are automatic. Close to two thirds (63%) of B2B marketers are using webinars for lead nurturing and reactivation.

Add new material to your website: Content marketing is used to create brand awareness, educate audiences, and build credibility. Google loves blogs and 90% of clients find consumer content in blog posts useful. 57% of marketers say they’ve gained clients specifically through blogging.

Get into a video studio: Online video accounts for 80% of all web traffic, because most people would rather watch a video than read text on a website.

With video, fee-earners can get viewers to know, trust, and like them. Post the videos on YouTube, Facebook, and your firm’s website for the maximum effect. When you can, hire a videographer to create an in-house video studio in a dedicated room (without windows), and install lights, a background setting, and lapel microphones.

By emphasising digital marketing, and acting while others hesitate, marketers can capture new market share and assure the firm’s success when we recover from the plague.

Larry Bodine, US Editorial Consultant, PM Magazine